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    Raiden (video game)
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    This article is about the first game in the series. For information on the series as a whole, see Raiden series.
    Japanese arcade flyer of Raiden.​
    Seibu Kaihatsu
    Arcade version:
    Seibu Kaihatsu(Japan)
    Fabtek(North America)
    Liang HWA Electronics(Taiwan)
    IBL Corporation(South Korea)
    PlayStation version:
    Hamster Corporation(Japan)
    Arcade, Amiga (prototype), Atari Falcon, Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx, MS-DOS, PC Engine, PlayStation, Mobile phone
    Release date(s)
    Arcade version:
    September 1990
    PlayStation version:
    Vertical scrolling shooter
    Single player, 2 player Co-op
    (2x) V30 (@ 10 MHz)
    YM3812 (@ 3.579545 MHz), OKI6295 (@ 1 MHz)
    Raster, 256 x 224 pixels (Vertical), 2048 colors
    Raiden (雷電 Raiden?) is a 1990 scrolling shooter arcade game that was developed by Seibu Kaihatsu. It was the first game in the popular Raiden series of scrolling shooter arcade games.
    Raiden first made its debut in September 1990. The game was distributed in Japan by Tecmo, North America by Fabtek, Taiwan by Liang HWA Electronics, Korea by IBL Corporation, Hong Kong by Wah Yan Electronics, and a few other countries such as Malaysia, though the publishers in those countries are unknown.
    The title in Japanese translates to "Thunder And Lightning". Rai means thunder, and den means lightning. The closest English approximation of the pronunciation is /RHY-den/, not /RAY-den/. "Raiden" is the name of a Japanese WWII Fighter.
    Contents [hide] ​
    • 1 Plot
    • 2 Gameplay
      • 2.1 Fighter
      • 2.2 Weapons
      • 2.3 Items
      • 2.4 Stages
      • 2.5 Technical specifications
    • 3 Ports and related releases
    • 4 Reception and legacy
      • 4.1 Main series
      • 4.2 Spinoffs
    • 5 Raiden Trad
    • 6 References
    • 7 External links
    In the year 2090, Earth has suddenly become the target of deranged aliens known as the Cranassians. Following the invasion, the World Alliance Military builds a new cutting-edge weapon, the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter. Based on a captured alien craft, it is humanity's only hope for survival.
    The formula of the game is simple and typical for the era of this game. The player pilots the "Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter" through waves of enemies, and several levels. There are three types of weapons, and the player can collect several powerups for them to make them stronger. There are bombs and missile powerups as well as collectable medals which add to the score.
    Raiden fighter always starts with vulcan main weapon.
    When player dies, the fighter drops items, based on the former fighter's weapon powers.
    • Main weapon. There are 8 weapon levels:
    • Vulcan: Fires wide formation shots (max 7 directions).
    • Laser: Fires forward-concentrating shots.
    • Sub weapon. There are 4 weapon levels:
    • Homing Missile: Fires enemy chasing missiles.
    • Nuclear Missile: Fires forward-concentrating missiles. When it hits an enemy, the blast persists for a short period.
    • Bomb: Destroys bullets on screen, and damages enemies in the blast area. There is a moment of delay between pressing bomb button and explosion.
    When a player's fighter shoots the other player's fighter, the attacker's projectiles transform into 'stars' that radiates from the attacked fighter.
    When player dies, the fighter's fragments become projectiles that damage enemies.

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