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    The Ninja Warriors
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    This article is about the 1988 arcade game. For the English translation of the Japanese sports tournament, see Sasuke (TV series). For the martial arts discipline, see Ninja. is a side-scrolling beat'em up video game developed and released by Taito in 1988. The game is based in a dystopian future where Banglar, the President of the United States in 1993, issues martial law on the nation, with the military having total control over the law.[1] A group of anarchist scientists decide that it is time to revolt against the government. Knowing full well that approaching the military themselves could be considered an all out suicide mission, the scientists create two androids that can sustain various forms of damage in order to do the mission for them. The robots, code named "Ninja" (male character) and "Kunoichi" (female character), are sent by the scientists in order to end Banglar's tyranny once and for all.
    The arcade game used an unusual screen setup that situated one display in between projected images of two other displays, creating the appearance of a triple-wide screen. Versions of the game were subsequently released for a variety of home platforms, including various personal computers. A remake, known as Ninja Warriors in North America was developed by Natsume and released for the Super NES.

    Good representative of the beat'em-up genre, The Ninja Warriors gameplay presents side-scrolling hand to hand combat. Each of the main characters have different combos — one to be executed normally, and another that can be performed while crouching — and specific moves such as dash attacks, throwing, stabbing and air strikes. On the screen, separate from the life bar, there is a special energy bar that fills itself as the main character progress. When full, the bar will allow the player to perform a special move. If the character suffers some damage, the special bar will reset, starting a new count-up.


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