A designer made a golden Christmas tree by 12 kg p

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    Christmas tree is the candle and decorations with the fir or loose the deck up the evergreen tree, as part of the Christmas celebration. Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. ugg Netherlands,The germans in every year on December 24, is Adam and eve's day, in the home decorate a plant fir (the tree of the garden of Eden), will dry hanging above the wafers, the symbol of the holy bread (christians sin mark). Modern to switch to various cookies instead of the holy bread, also often plus symbol of Christ candles. In addition, indoor also has a Christmas tower, is a wooden triangle structure, there are many small frame case placed the statue of Christ, minus its act the role of with the evergreen tree branches and leaves, candles and a star. To the sixteenth century, the Christmas tree and the garden of Eden tower into the Christmas tree.
    18 th century, this custom began in the German Lutheran believers popular, until the 19 th century just popular throughout the country, and become a deep-rooted tradition of Germany.ugg norway, In the early nineteenth century, the Christmas tree to British; The 19 th century queen Victoria's husband, prince Albert Germany to expand. Victorian Christmas tree decorated with candles, candy, pastry and design and color, with ribbons and paper chain hanging on the branch. In the early seventeenth century is the Christmas tree by German immigrants brought to North America, to the 19 th century widely popular. In Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands also quite popular. In China and Japan, the Christmas tree in the 19 and 20 century by the American missionaries into, decorated with colorful profusion of paper flowers.
    Japanese flower art creative teacher false house proposal on my 22 provinces in Tokyo launched its design of gold silver Christmas tree. ugg sweden,The Christmas tree is 2.4 meters tall, use the total weight of about 12 kilograms of pure gold, with gold foil ribbon winding, had decorated the 50 piece of pure gold moth orchids (phalaenopsis) and 60 piece of my heart and type the piece of gold. It is reported, make this tree Christmas tree costs 150 million gold the yen as Japan the most expensive the Christmas tree. False house proposal on my province, said the Japanese this year have suffered a serious earthquake, hope the Japanese like gold is the explosive force, together up to welcome a new one.

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