A ode' to a friend.

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Peachy, Aug 13, 2009.

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    White powder goddess come and share some sunshine.
    I've spent my whole paycheck for the month to see you,
    Blow my mind because sleep sure ain't no friend of mine.
    Did you miss me? I'm sure you couldn't have forgotten me.
    Friends come and go but the old friends always stick around.
    If you have forgotten, let me just say we go back. Don't we?
    I remember the first time someone showed me your beauty.
    My hands were shaking, my chest heaving, my mind bleak.
    You little devil. The headaches and the constant nose bleed.
    Oh but that was just the punishment for your infamous glory.
    Too feel so good without some catch would be blashemy.
    They say when the gods made the world they grew selfish.
    They robbed the world of all it's elixers and opium dreams.
    Oh but no, they had forgotten you here in their fits of greed.
    They see my bloodshot eyes and eat themselves with envy.
    Oh ALL these other ignorant human beings say leave it be.
    Power to powder! Power to the self-proclaimed cocaine fiend!
    This knife, mirror, and straw is all the friend i'll ever need.

    Anyone care to comment? I thought it was a decent poem.
    i wroted it =] i just got in one of those jazz music moods.
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    Wow. Crazy. Thought about a

    Wow. Crazy. Thought about a skip trip then like 4th line I was like oohhh. I liked it.

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