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    Critisism highly welcome, Ive only just tried my hand at poetry in the last few months.

    “Maybe Ill sing”

    I’m not blind,
    Yet I cannot see.
    I’m not deaf,
    But where are the words?
    I’m not mute,
    But my voice isn’t speaking.

    But what if I took off the black glasses,
    And the plugs from my ears,
    The gag out of my mouth,
    And the sadness from my tears?

    If I took things as they are,
    Gave each person a chance.
    Forget what my friends think,
    I might even learn to dance.

    Maybe Ill accept what I’m hearing,
    And act on it instead,
    I won’t close myself off,
    To what’s going on in my head.

    I’ll speak as myself,
    And not as a shield.
    I’ll take all the insults,
    Consider, not yield.

    And most of all,
    Ill finally be me.
    And hopefully in time,
    I will finally see.
    And hear,
    And speak,
    And to top it all off,
    Maybe Ill sing.

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