"About all of starts."

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    "About all of starts. "

    All are the pasts.
    My father and mother did the meeting with a view to marriage(?????) marriage by forcing from the relative(??????????). There is no commuting each other love between two people at all. Father and mother do not get love had at all for each other. Father hoped for the sexuality and the thing marrying was hoped for to the purpose.
    Mother endured.
    I was born.
    My father poured the whole hypothec so that might buy the stock certificate including the cost of living I at 0-years old child's time.
    Mother kept off hunger eating the one of garbage. I sustained life with the mother's milk of little.
    We lived by the space of the apartment of three mats(sanjyou ?? three tatami) in the mat without there was neither kitchen in there was not a rest room either in there were not baths either, was of course no gas, there were neither a rice cooker that cooked rice nor a boiler, and water service either, I up to three years old.
    Of course, it is a space of a mat(tatami ?) alone without thrusting except the mat either.
    Father says. Money is too good!.money is too good!.
    And, he pour all the salaries into the stock purchase eating meal in the worksite cafeteria.
    Mother and I were chronic malnutrition.
    Father hits mother.
    Mother poured all love while suffering, and brought me up desperately. Mother desperately endured living.
    There is no water service. Mother goes to the distance to wash diapers. Surrounding neighbors are very angry to me who cries intensely. And, they annoy, say sarcasm and the complaint, and abuse it toward mother.

    *if**(4.5(4+1/2) mats = 9 ft x 9 ft)

    The situation will be improved before long.

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