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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by *Fabee*, Nov 8, 2003.

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    Im so excited about this competitive side of the Board
    For a start, here are the rules:-
    • 1- Everyone is entitled to start their own art contest yet, you must PM us Art moderators first for approval and to let us know about the contest so we can advertise.
    • 2- Every member can start no more that two contests. If the contests ends he/she can start another one
    • 3- Art contest should be related to art -duh I know but I have to say this- Example : Drawing, CG, sketches, Wallpapers, banners and etc...
    • 4- He/she have to include the deadline date in the thread's title. If they want to change it(extend the deadline), then they have to pm one of the Art moderators.
    • 5- Only the offical m2a Contest will be a sticky

    Have fun, and remember to PM SABERJ2X or Ciel.

    Tooma & Seraphim ^_^
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    Someone please.....unleash the ban hammer --.--;


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