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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Basher, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Me + boredom.

    I am an instigator. Things just a week ago when I had to help my ma with the rummage after class.

    Sister was there. Bro came outside. 10 minutes later a fake video of my bro dropping my nephew. Sent to people we know. And they were rather upset. Someone almost drove off the road and another was going to come into town to kick my brothers arse. Didn't think they would behave that bad. They know me by now. And everything was fine.

    15 minutes later I hid my nephew in a huge pile of stuff animals so he can jump out and scare people.

    20 minutes a video of me scrunching peoples heads.

    25 minutes later teasing this girl with text messages to the point of anger. I am not an answering machine. :p

    30 minutes later. Packing up. Throwing stuff into boxes. My ma mad.

    What can I get into this week?

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