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    When your body is like a cashmere rug,
    Expensive and well worked and perfectly kept
    But you are simply there to be walked on.
    My worn away heels leave you tattered,
    My feet sinking into comfortable soles
    While you can only absorb the shock.

    I would kiss you but my lips are too far away
    And I’m too proud to kneel down and face you.
    I’m too full of sin to take your hand and forgive you.
    With your perfect eyes and your nice smile,
    And the way you always seemed to bring me down
    To your level because like all things beneath me,
    You wanted my attention.

    I just keep walking, treading on you
    And your satisfied arrogance.
    Hopefully I'm wearing holes in your fiber,
    Mess up your design and somehow if I'm lucky
    I'll have you handed down to someone more deserving.

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