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    I am currently skimming through my copy of Changeling: The Lost, White Wolf's new Changeling role playing game. Anyone familiar with the concept of the old Changeling game? If so, you may not be happy with what has been done. The changes are massive.

    Basically, the world of Changeling used to be based on you maturing into your seeming, or Fae personality. You were always human but had that duel personality issue where you dealt with Faerie issues as well as human ones.

    The new system is based on humans being abducted by Fae that are brought to Arcadia as servants. Some manage to free themselves and escape back to the human world but their perception of reality has changed. Time is like that in the Narnia books, where you could have been in Arcadia for decades and come back to the mortal world as if only ten minutes had passed. You have become a Changeling though, a creature that is not Faerie yet not human. You appear human to humans and appear as your seeming to those of the Fae, such as other Changelings and Fae and such.

    Has anyone even heard of this book, or the original Changeling series White Wolf came out with? What are your thoughts?

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