Chisame Hasegawa Fans come!

Discussion in 'Akamatsu Ken Works' started by Seishin, Sep 13, 2005.

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    C'mon! I know that I can't be alone on this one. As an introduction to stuent threads such as this, their pactio cards may be included, like such:


    C'mon, that's a small picture compared to the size i wanted it on.

    Anyways, let's use up this thread to give all of our thoughts and attention to student #25:Chisame Hasegawa. Usually a not sociable girl, turns into the bundle of cuteness like shown.

    Express your thoughts solely on this student here, and if you want, attach a link to a super cute pic!

    This one comes in book 11, but some of you aren't there just yet, so I'll just show her in her cosplaying costume!


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