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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Peachy, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Speaking of Bale, everyone's heard his very unprofessional rant on the set of Terminator 4 by now, yes?

    It's only been splattered everywhere else on the 'net.
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    Fun Fact:

    Past and Present Batmans of Hollywood:

    Lewis Wilson --- 1943

    Robert Lowery --- 1949

    Adam West --- 1966

    Michael Keaton --- 1989 and 1992

    Val Kilmore --- 1995

    George Clooney --- 1997 (Only Batman Actor to win an Oscar)

    Christian Bale --- 2005 and 2008

    Kevin Conroy --- Animated Batman

    No Bruce Willis -- :(
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    With regards to Bale, I really don't care about his private life or what he does off screen. Everybody loves to hoist celebrities up and put them on this pedestal to fawn and admire, and then become 'Shocked' or 'Appalled' whenever they show the rest of the world they're human beings like the rest of us. Christian Bale has anger management issues, Robert Downey Jr. is a drug addict, Mel Gibson is a racist. Whoopee. I think people get offended when they turn to these stars as role models and then they do something that is uncharacteristic of their perceived persona, and people realize, as far as role models go, that 'They chose poorly'. People hate to admit that they were wrong, even to themselves. Especially Americans. Anyone who says differently needs to look at the 2004 election results. Over half the country re-elected him rather than admitting this guy was a cheeseball.

    Anyway, off the rant, I'm Peachy was talking about Michael Keaton instead of Bruce Willis.


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