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    So is Battle of the Planets dead?
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    Good lord man, where have you been Mark? I've virtually been the only soul still roaming around this board, lurking here and there. Unfortunately, most of the posters from the "heyday" of this board a couple of years ago have either moved on to other Gatchaman message boards or have completely fallen off the face of the earth. I myself have been frequenting gatch72's "Gatchaman Archives" message board as "Dirk Daring" as well: (You need to register to view the board). Granted, Gatchaman overall has a niche fanbase so you're never going to find more than a handful of fans on any board. This one unfortunately just happened to die out completely.

    As far as what's new on the front, it indeed looks like "Battle of the Planets" is as dead as a doorknob. Rhino abandoned their DVD release of it almost three years ago, and it's futile to even think of waiting for them to release the rest of the episodes. Lucky you and others already bought the U.K boxset. I believe the show was just recently being released on DVD in Austrailia with lots of goodies the rest of the world didn't get (like the pre-production pilots for "G-Force" as bonuses) but that's about it. The current status of the show is unknown and if anything heavily guarded. Sandy Frank's site features no mention of BotP or G-Force and hasn't for ages, and the word that was going around was that Frank's contract with Tatsunoko for domestic rights to Gatch/BotP/G-Force expired earlier this year, after an almost 30-year relationship. I can't and haven't confirmed it though, as I tried asking Mr. Jason Hofius when we last talked over a year ago but he said he couldn't disclose such information.

    There's two CG-animated Gatchaman (that's right, not BotP or G-Force) movies coming out in the next 2-3 years (one here in the U.S, the other in Japan) and that's it. Perhaps that will bring about the next renaissance of the "Gatchaman" property.........if it's still licensed in the U.S that is.

    I have recently posted the first episodes of "Casshern", "Hurricane Polymar" and "Tekkaman" (in Italian) which as you know were Gatchaman's '70's superhero counterparts, and I've also posted the 1st and 6th episodes of "G-Force" (English) and the pilot episode with all of the Gatch music removed in favor of more backbeat (in Spanish) on my Youtube account, check it out!:

    Also don't forget to check out my pride and joy: My Wikipedia article on G-Force! It's mostly set in stone, but don't be surprised to see some additions or changes at any time!:

    Good to see you my friend, but I'm afraid it's time to seek out other Gatchaman boards. I am grateful for first coming here over three years ago, when I first began my "Gatchaman" journey. I learned a hell of a lot, and it clearly shows in my Wiki article. I've also come to befriend a small yet friendly group of fellow Gatchaman fans who've taught me a lot. Unfortunately, it's dead now. :(

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