Difference society(KAKUSA SHAKAI????)

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    Difference society(KAKUSA SHAKAI????)

    Rich people discriminated the individual so that my desire may fill it and the difference was applied to individual circumstances in Japan. It commits suicide painfully of excessive labor of the remainder being pressed excessive labor to a lot of people. People who deplored the society of which it falls into disorder commit suicide as for other cases. A lot of people are driven in from a lot of social contradiction to the suicide.
    The thing thought that it was people who had to despise poor people most by the child of 99 percent or more of Japan considering poverty to be evil perhaps and to hate it put on the society and it became common sense. And, the crime of the murder etc. has increased very much.

    There was a matter of great importance that became a big chance of the thing.

    Japan executed it by the appearance of KOIZUMI Cabinet by thinking becoming the policy that Japan had to take only the competitive world of the United States raising the productivity in the policy and referring.
    And, HAKEN SHAIN SEIDO (contract worker system) was examined.
    And, finding employment in Japan for all the people became the problem of a very difficult, extraordinary, difficult reality. The difference society was born. The thing that becomes the regular member of the enterprise becomes very difficult. And, the many people in a country's starting in the occupation became impossible.
    Differing a social standpoint was established of ranks of employees and the contract worker as common sense.
    Discrimination arises naturally by a social standpoint.
    The contract worker and the regular member have the difference of an extreme salary.
    As a result, the sufficient salary cannot be gotten so that the contract worker may live even if even working very or working.
    A lot of part wealths began to concentrate by people also in Japan.
    People's poorest segment of the populations have increased very much.
    This thing doesn't seem to be solved easily really.

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