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Discussion in 'Written Arts' started by Peachy, Apr 19, 2008.

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    My poems I have written have been titled "Dream" for the fact dreams inspire me to write. My dreams. I have written this poem for my valentine..someone I will not be able to be around a lot until I graduate next year. :) I do believe that we together, can make it through this.

    I have found love. :] An actually relationship that lasted a year..with just a few mishaps.


    My sweetest valentine.
    Don’t let a single tear come down
    Do not fear the distance of the ocean
    for if you do, in it you will drown.
    There will be emptiness and lonely days
    In my empty chair you will find tears
    and pregnant skies will form from sunshine
    when you long for me to be here.

    In those moments of weakness
    You think of all the angels on earth
    Ironic the one you picked is far away
    and you may question my worth.

    This angel has made a promise.
    A promise that she will always keep
    That in all she will make it up to you
    by fulfilling all your hopes and dreams.

    All you have to do is wait.
    Wait. Just have some faith in me
    that I will spread my wings for you.
    when we’re both free.
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    Wonderful. And you dreamed some of it? or is it dream as in what you dream for?

    You and chance are much improving.
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    It's sad it was a such a good poem,
    because i've been finished with two year relationship about a month now. But thanks for the inspiration #$@$ head.

    Dreams as in sleep dreams and wonders and hopes. Dreams in general inspire me because they aren't reality but they can be.

    Thank you for your kind words.

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