Fantasy Basketball + MMORPG Online Video Game

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    Like Fantasy Basketball? Like RPG? How about both?
    I found a free fantasy basketball RPG that gets me through the offseason

    In this game, you can manage a player which has a number of attributes (just like in a RPG), train him up, get him the best and signature gear, get him the best contracts. In the leagues, you can win
    most points,assists, rebounds awards. If you are good enough, you could represent your country in the national teams (every country has!).
    Or if you play long enough, you could buy your own team. As a team manager, you could draft right and win divisions, domestic or international Cups. You could hire\sack your friends or other human players. Give bonuses, penalties, buy human players.Improve Your Stadium or even Rig Games ?! :)
    For those into sports gambling, it has a full betting system. Forget about Tim Donaghy, you can even bet on games your player plays!!!
    Registration is simple (no need for email activation):

    [url="GAH DURRRRR>....[/url]
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    i knew i forgot to do something...

    -moves thread-

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