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Discussion in 'Initial D' started by Izzy, Jul 3, 2004.

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    The thread title says it all. If you play the game, tell me your favorites. And please specify what version you're playing.

    Personally, I use my Civic EG-6 with Mugen/Spoon parts for almost any downhill in Ver. 2. It's great in the wet, and handles extremely well for a FF car. Yes, the Integra Type R is the BEST in game car, no matter what course, but I try not to cheat. ^_^

    For the uphills, I use either my Evo III, or the RX-7 FC. They both do really well on the uphills, since the Civic totally chokes going up. I haven't upgraded much on the FC, but I use the Evo III upgrade with the misfiring system.

    As for my favorite track, I'd have to say Irohazaka. Not the most CHALLENGING track, since all you really have to do is turn the wheel all the way to either side, but it's one of the most frenetic. Totally fun, but I race on that track every time I play, so it's starting to get really boring. After that would probably be Hippograppa, since I've only played ver. 2 thus far.

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