G-Force: GoS pilot up on YouTube courtesy of...me!

Discussion in 'Gatchaman' started by Dirk Daring, Jun 8, 2007.

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    Hey, is anyone still alive here??? If so, please come forward!!! I know I'm not the only one who lurks the boards from time to time, subconsciously looking forward to any activity but to no avail. :(

    If you're still alive, how's your life been and what have you been up to??? Me, not much I'm afraid to say, but as of late I have been uploading episodes of Tatsunoko's other "superhero" series to the 'net so those who've only seen Gatchaman incarnations, among others can get to know them as for the most part they never were brought over to the U.S. Check 'em out here:


    After finishing up with those, I also uploaded the pilot episode to "G-Force" (one of two pilots exactly, the other being Episode 85, "Galactors Deadly Trap", also the last "G-Force" ep) seeing as the pilots notably had all of their original Gatchaman music removed and replaced with full-blown original music. Well.........."full-blown" and "original" is a REAL stretch. More like variations of our favorite synth backbeat, which in turn is a variation of the show's themes song. Still, there's at least one completely new track in there, and supposedly earlier, unreleased versions of the pilots had more of a varied soundtrack. Despite the valiant effort, the producer's budget was just too darn tight so it's fortunate that the rest of the episodes retained the Gatchaman score for the most part. So check the episode out, even though it's in Spanish (what have things come to when international dubs of a show are much easier to come by than the original English ones???). If you've seen "A Whale Joins G-Force" in BotP or "Revenge! The Whale Operation" in Gatchaman you'll know what "The Whale Submarine" is about.


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