"G-Force: Guardians of Space" apparently gone from Anime Network...

Discussion in 'Gatchaman' started by Dirk Daring, Sep 20, 2006.

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    This past summer I've been investigating what's the status and future with "G-Force" on ADV's "Anime Network", and have even registered on their forums and asked around to see what's up. No dice. A couple of days back I went to visit TAN's "Shows" page which lists all of the shows available to air on TAN. "Battle of the Planets" & "Gatchaman" were present, but "G-Force" was NOT. I think that pretty much told me right there that TAN has either canned G-Force from their network (seeing as they've had it on the shelf ever since BotP arrived on TAN in early October, 2004) or their broadcasting rights to it ran out. *sigh*, G-Force gets mistreated again and the only opportunity in the U.S to see it (past the 13 episodes available on DVD) is now gone. I can't help but be and feel frustrated. Perhaps Sandy Frank & Turner should've never released it or at least kept it as an entirely overseas commodity like "Eagle Riders" (which turns 10 years old this month BTW) if SF's been treating it like this in the U.S for the last 10 years. A reliable person I know once likened "G-Force" to have been a "tax write-off". Perhaps he was right, but I've been damned for being a fan of that tax wrtie-off.........

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