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    What is is a bulletin board-based community dedicated to all things Japanese.

    What was Manga to Anime?

    Manga to Anime, or M2A for short, was a site dedicated to Japanese animation. The name consists of three Japanese words: "manga" = comics (written using kanji or pictographs); "to" = and (written using hiragana); "anime" = animation or cartoons (written using katakana). Manga to Anime was recently rebranded as

    Where did you get your mascot, and what is her name?

    Miia, our mascot, was designed in a recent competition won by Skuld (AKA Suzu).

    Who founded and when?

    Cloud founded the site (as Manga to Anime) on 2 February 2001. It also happens to be his dad's birthday :)

    The adminstrators of are BakaMattSu and Cloud.

    What is the meaning behind user titles?

    There is no inherent meaning to any title, other than the fact that you have reached a certain milestone in posting.

    The five current titles given out to regular users are as follows:

    Outcast (given at registration)
    Merchant (earned at 5 posts)
    Artisan (earned at 50 posts)
    Peasant (earned at 100 posts)
    Warrior (earned at 250 posts)

    How do I get a custom title?

    After you have reached Warrior status, achieving at least 250 posts, and have been a registered member for at least 100 days, a new option will appear for you in your profile to create your own title.

    What are the signature guidelines?

    Available from

    I have a complaint. Where do I post?

    If it is a general board issue you feel should come to the attention of all members, then feel free to create a new thread in the Help forum.

    If your complaint is against a particular member, or is personal, do NOT post on the forums in regards to it. Contact one of our forum leaders through the private message system or e-mail. We will be more than happy to listen to your concerns in order to decide how best to resolve them.

    What is "SPAM"?

    Spam is a term used to describe irrelevant or inappropriate messages in deliberate or accidental violation of netiquette.

    If you see an article which you think is a deliberate spam, DO NOT post a follow-up - doing so will only contribute to the general annoyance. Report this post to a moderator, and feel free to send a polite message to the poster by private messaging or e-mail.

    What is netiquette?

    Netiquette is the conventions of politeness recognised on many online discussion groups, including Manga to Anime, such as not cross-posting to multiple forums and refraining from commercial advertising.

    The most important rule of netiquette is "Think before you post". If what you intend to post will not make a positive contribution to the discussion group and be of interest to several readers, don't post it! Personal messages to one or two individuals should not be posted - use private messaging or e-mail instead.

    When following up an article, quote the minimum necessary to give some context to your reply and be careful to attribute the quote to the right person.

    Re-read and edit your posting carefully before you post. Check the spelling and grammar. Don't post test messages - wait until you have something to say. When posting humorous or sarcastic comments, it is conventional to append a smiley, but don't overuse them.

    Before asking a question, read or search the topics already in the forums and read the FAQs and stickies.

    If you believe someone has violated netiquette, feel free to send them a message by private messaging or e-mail, DO NOT post a follow-up to the topic. And be polite, they may not realise their mistake, they might be a beginner or may not even have been responsible for the "crime" - their account may have been used by someone else.

    Be proud of your postings but don't post just to see your post count rise.

    What is a troll?

    A troll is a message which is intentionally incorrect, but not overtly controversial, or the sender of such a message. Trolling aims to elicit an emotional reaction from those with a hair-trigger on the reply key. A really subtle troll makes some people lose their minds. Trolling is frowned upon at

    What is flaming?

    Flaming is ranting or writing incessantly and/or rabidly with a patently ridiculous attitude or hostility towards a particular person or group of people.

    Flame bait is a posting intended to trigger a flame war, or one that invites flames in reply.

    A flame war is a bitter and sharp dispute on the forum.

    Flames are not tolerated on, and appropriate action will be taken by moderators in response to them.

    What does subscribing a thread or forum do?

    When you subscribe to a forum it appears in your user CP, so you can quickly see what (or if) new posts have been made in it. Subscribed forums will appear in the "Subbed" drop down menu whenever you are logged into the site. If a forum in this dropdown is bolded, there has been a new post since you last logged on. You can subscribe to up to 11 different forums.

    You can also subscribe to a thread. Then you will know as soon as someone posts in that thread (if you check your user CP).

    Where can I get information on anything not answered here?

    Try BakaMattSu's Useful Info thread, or post a message on the Newbies forum.

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