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    Right, I have the 3 volumes of the LotT manga, but I am confused as to what else there is and how the timne line all ties togeather.

    I was wandering if someone could tell me what series there are ion the .hack series and what medias they are (manga, anime ect)

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    The timeline of .hack// goes as follows.

    First is .hack//AI BUSTER. This a novle prequel to the entire series. I'm not sure how ong it takes place before the rest of the series.
    Then comes.hack//SIGN. this is the anime series.
    Another novel called .hack//ZERO takes place between SIGN and the games.
    Following this is the four games, all in this order, .hack//INFECTION, .hack//MUTATION, .hack//OUTBREAK, .hack//QUARANTINE.
    Taking place at the same time as the games is the OAV that cam ewiht the games, .hack//LIMINALITY and a two volume long novel adaption of the game told form BlackRose point of view called .hack//Another birth
    Four years later, the events of .hack//Legend of the Twlight Bracelet (or just Legend of the Twlight) take place. Not only is LoTB a 3 volume long manga, it also has its own anime series.
    7 years later (I asumming after the game, not LoTB) is when the 3 new games that are ebing created are going to take place, alognw ith the new anime series claled .hack//ROOTS. This new project is called, .hack//G.U. Project.

    Hope that was of some help.
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    Now I can start watching without being confused.
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    This was posted .hack/roots

    1992: Player of Balmung is born (seriously!)

    Dec 24 2005: Pluto’s Kiss

    May 2007: Fragment beta test begins

    Dec 24 2007: The World publicly releases, first celebration of “Mother Mary’s Maiden Kiss” holiday

    2010: AI Buster 1 (Novel)

    2010: AI Buster 2 Chp. 1 (Novel)

    2010: SIGN (26 episode anime series)

    2010: AI Buster 2 Chp 2 (Novel), takes place within first four eps of SIGN

    2010, inbetween SIGN and the Games: Zero (Novel)

    2010: Games (Four PS2 games) // Liminality (Four episode anime that takes place in the real world during the games) // Another Birth (Four novels, retelling of the games from BlackRose’s PoV) // XXXX aka X-force (Manga, retelling of games as a manga)

    Dec 24 2010: End of Games/Liminality/Another Birth/XXXX

    After the games and crap have ended: Unison (single episode special) and Gift (parody un-related to main timeline)

    ???? Pre-UdeDen: AI Buster 2 Chp 3 (Novel)

    ???? Pre-UdeDen: AI Buster 2 Chp 4 (Novel)

    ???? Pre-UdeDen: AI Buster 2 Chp 5 (Novel), very very shortly before UdeDen manga or quite possibly during the first couple of chapters of the manga

    2014: UdeDen (Anime and Manga), please note: the manga is CANON, the anime is an adaption of the manga and is not canon

    2015: Fire at CC Corp, servers shut down for a year

    2016: The World R:2 released

    2017: Roots (anime), pre-GU Game

    2017: GU (Three PS2 games), GU+ (Manga adaption of GU), Online Jack (Anime that takes place in the real world during GU), CELL (Novel), GnU (Manga)
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    I came in here looking for just this. I think it's important enough to get a sticky. ^^

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