How did you get interested in Initial D?

Discussion in 'Initial D' started by Ciel, Sep 22, 2004.

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    Apr 16, 2001
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    For my University club's anime lineup, we would have a show that had various first episodes and members would get to vote on what they wanted to see. One of my friends took an Initial D episode, but he decided to show episode 14 instead of episode 1. This was in 1999.

    I'll have to admit I didn't like it very much. It was about cars, he jumped in on the story and showed 14, which I thought was a bad decision. I mean, it is a very cool episode, but Initial D is a show which builds up from the first episode. I thought, a show about cars? with weird animation? no.

    Then a friend of my brother's had some episodes on cd. I watched episode 1.. and you could say I didn't stop until I watched 1-14 on those cds. But then, I went nuts trying to get the rest, which I did! ^____^

    Then later I watched Second Stage when I could, movies, ova, etc.. now Fourth Stage, which just rocks.

    I've started watching First Stage again and I've found that there's so much to talk about!

    Anyways, hope you all share ^__^ and if you haven't seen Initial D, you are missing out on a great animation and music experience.
  2. That guy!

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    Apr 4, 2001
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    I remember at first I didn't want to watch Initial D because I heard that it wasn't the greatest anime from some people. But, then a friend of mine (TamaKameKami, some of you may know him), got me to watch it and my eyes were glued to the screen. Every episode is a cliff hanger that makes you want to see the next one right after, I must have watched it all in a day.

    The music is another thing that got me hooked on Initial D. Even now, I still listen to the funky Eurobeat from the series.
  3. Izzy

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    How I got started? Wow...

    I'm a car nut, and a lot of my friends are car nuts too. One day, my friends just borrowed something called "Initial D". At first, I wasn't interested because the animation was crap, and the subs were crappy (it WAS HK after all....).

    Slowly, it started to peak my interest because of the racing. Shortly after Stage 3 came out, my friends borrowed that for one anime night, while I borrowed...Photon: The Idiot Adventures.

    Well, I well and truly got hooked after seeing the 86 v. Evo III fight. Then...I still wasn't happy with the story, so I just watched Battle Stage.

    Then Stage 4 came out, and in between the months the episodes came out...I realized that I should watch the rest of it. So I did.
  4. geishaboy

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    Jun 5, 2004
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    A mate of mine is really into Initial D, he got me into it. He ONLY likes the series becouse Takumi drives a toyota and he belongs to a toyota club.
  5. Fujimiya Aya

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    I'm not really a big ID fan, but I started watching it because my cousin got into the manga big time. He'd have me read each of the manga, and when the DVDs came out it was no different. I really like the music, and the story does get good as it goes on ^^
  6. Hitokiri_Gensai

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    im a HUGE car nut, and ive owned 9 in the past... 4 years, including 2 FD and 2 FC and a couple Subies

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