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Discussion in 'Written Arts' started by Seishin, Oct 5, 2007.

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    Oddly enough, there's no literature in this post. This is more of a request related to the topic.

    I need an editor, and a good one.

    I'd post or attach my work here, but I'd rather only me editor see it until it is finished.

    The reason for this is that it will be a book, and either weekly or bi weekly I will send the volunteer(s) the current chapter to look over and edit it (and pretty it up).

    Now, (with all due respect) I'm not looking for newbies or unexperienced people. I am somewhat experienced in writing, but the web is a big place, and there are people out there better in expressing than myself.

    For instance;

    "What are you doing here, Nicolai?"

    "What are you doing here Nicolai?"

    If you can't tell which one is right, this is probably not for you.

    I DID have one person from here in my mind, but I'd rather have more people volunteer. This lets me see it from different points of view, and maybe combine things to make it even better.

    It is an odd job request, but I'm not going to go crazy. If you start this, I would rather hope that you finished it, but in the end it's still your choice, and I will understand.

    Anyways, that's it for this one, I'll see where this takes us.

    EDIT:Actually, for kicks, if you're interested, or just bored, try editing this small bit;

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    Let me guess Zanza?

    Anyway I should be able to.

    I want to show someone I can. I also want to improve my editing abilities.

    I will edit anything at my level.

    What is my level? My level is rather high. I believe so.

    For example: I am writing a story and it has been off and on until recently. The first chapter is over two years old. I only approved six paragraphs on the first page but I went back and edited a few words in that. I mainly changed everything to present time. It is only a few things.
    I hope that I can have at least a chapter that doesn’t need to be edited.

    It all happened after a big edit job I did on this long bus ride. I got so exact that I went in and edited all the proper tense of each sentence.

    So to start off.

    "What are you doing here, Nicolai?"

    I believe is the correct one. Using you and then a name needs to have a comma. You wouldn’t use you you in a sentence because that is what it is like.

    I only did grammar. I am guessing you wrote this on the fly anyway.

    So other things:

    Although using just says isn’t good to use. It’s much better to mix up the sentences. You can also change the quotes to either in the front of person speaking, or break them apart. You can also use other words such as said, interrupted, questioned, and etc.

    There is also dragging out sentences and adding more content. For example: Dominic nods his head in agreement. He then said. Sentences that have more content are generally considered better. Although using just he said and etc. is acceptable but most of the time its best to keep it to a minimum mainly when it is the only action that person did.
    Going from there you also need to pay attention to the sentence for example Dominic nods and says. Here Dominic nodded his head then spoke. It leaves the possibility of him still nodding his head. So add in a word to stop that.

    Let’s not get into the long sentence at the beginning. There is a few grammars erring and it’s a run on sentence. There is also need to separate the description. Describing features that are the same color or etc. is fine but not getting into different features with no connects is not good to have.

    I am no where near perfect. It is great to learn from your mistakes. Find a word and replace it is my friend in Word documents.
    For me now being an editor means you would need to point out mistakes or make suggestive changes. But that’s me being nice and not acting like a real editor. Editors are way tougher.

    My editing
    I know not to change a person’s style.
    I will do as little as possible to correct a sentence.
    I won’t change things to fit my taste.
    I will suggest not always to use words like said, say, and etc repeatedly. It lacks content. More people will read something with a bounce in words. How did he/she say it? Did she scream or emphasize the words?
    Each work I edit is a new story.
    I will make a list of repeated word mistakes so that way you know like with me seem and seam or staring and starring. It happens and that way you that you tend to do it.

    I also expect a few things from a writer.

    To start off is respect. I will respect you. Respect me in turn.
    If I have any questions I hope it could be answered.
    Also if you make a certain style for example with a word stick with it like copywriter or copy-writer. I will do my best to find those.
    I also expect maybe another light editor or another editor. It’s all really for you.
    I would also like it see it in a Word document that way I can use comments. We don't have pen and paper here so this is the next best thing.


    I borrowed a book from the library and I am a little hesitant to open it. Either I am right how I edit my work or I need to work on it more.

    So here is me.
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    ok, this is driving me nuts. shouldn't the comma be on the otherside of and?

    brown eyes and, like Nicolai, casually dressed.

    i'm pretty sure that's where the natural pause it. i edit patents all day to fit the style guide for them, and deal with listy things like that alot. >.> could just be the apa(bah) style we have to use, but i'm pretty sure that's on the wrong side. >.>;;;
  4. Basher

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    Let's just for get that sentence.

    But it does list a few things also... When that happens , and but I see what BB says. So rewrite it.
  5. Seishin

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    I'll need to keep this thread on hold for a bit until I get a new hard drive for my computer. Until then, I will look at my things again and take from your points.

    Until then, I'll unfortunately need to leave it at that until my computer is up and running (should be no more than a week!).

    Thanks ladies!

    Oh, and who'd like to help out Basher?


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