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Discussion in 'Initial D' started by That guy!, Aug 17, 2004.

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    About a week ago I was having a tough night, at my job, stocking the shelves in the toys section at Wal-mart. When suddenly I felt like checking out the model cars section, since my managers weren't around. They all seemed like boring car models that I wouldn't want to buy, but then I looked on the bottom shelf and saw the name "Initial D" on one of the boxes.

    The only cars they had at wal-mart were the RX-7 FC3S, and the Skyline, so I bought the RX-7. It came with little models of Keisuke and Ryousuke too!

    If you want to see some of the other Initial D cars available from Jada Toys check out

    The cars require some assembly, but it wouldn't be as fun to have a car model kit if there wasn't. It's mainly just screwing large pieces together, so it isn't as frustrating as some of those kits where you have to glue together microscopic engine pieces. The body of the car is die cast metal and it comes with a screwdriver with the Initial D logo on it too! I'll post a picture of it all when I have the chance.
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    hey that's cool! Remember when we saw that Hachi Roku in front of the CIBC? that was neat too! Wouldn't it be ridiculous if Takumi and Natsuki also came with a tofu cup you can place in the 86? And if they make an 85 and have Itsuki with it. LOL.

    though.. your RX7 model..
    makes me want to buy a Mazda .. RX.. 8...
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    I had a little wind-back model of Keisuke's FD.

    It was neat, and I got it for my birthday. It's now...sitting somewhere. I replaced that with a die-cast model of a late-2000 model Dodge Viper GTS though. =P

    If there's any car that I'd love to have as a model, it'd be Impact Blue's Sil-Eighty. Simply because it's the most highly physically modified car in Initial D. Either that, or maybe the Emperor's EVO-III.
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    The Sil-Eighty or Sil-80 was actually manufactured by the Auto Shop Kid's Heart with a total of 500 sold through official Nissan Dealerships. They came about from early Nissan 180SX's being damaged by drifters and the front ends replaced with the much cheaper Silvia parts.

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