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  1. Fushigi Rockna

    Mar 4, 2003
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    Okay let's try this out to get to know our fellow members better. Post at least 3 things lesser known about yourself, things we may not know about you here. Nothing we all know about. For example, I can't put down 'In love with Seto Kaiba' because everybody knows that. x_x I also couldn't put down 'Loves Dolls and Plushies' cause that should be a given by the Evil kawaii Dolls of Doom.

    Please try to restraint yourself.

    Lesser things known about me, Fushigi Rockna:
    1. Has ADD (a relatively mild case of it)
    2. Owns an aquarium full of fish at her mother's, (in my room too) each with a name. Before there were two angel fish named Seto and Kaiba but they died. So now I have Speedy Gonzalez, Seizures, Kaiba2 (Kaiba died before Seto did, so there's no Seto replacement yet...) Mokuba and The-One-I-Don't-Want (it's a stupid algae eater) Also had an awesome snail anmed Gary.
    3. LOVES snails and slugs but would never touch one XD
    4. Has an apple fetish. Oo
    5. Absolutely loves coconut butter XD like, really, really, loves...
    6. Has no allergies
    7. Listens to prince (that would be the guy that changed his name to a symbol XD) Yes, I actually do listen to this guy.
    8. Currently has Franz Ferninand and Leonard Cohen CDs on her wishlist (that shows how wide my pallate is when it comes to music.)
    9. Works the ATM machine at her cafeteria at lunch =)
    10. Was teased real bad as a child...Some kids even threw rocks at me once. ><

    Okay, now you try.
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  2. Kain

    Kain Plaything of Doom

    Dec 16, 2003
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    1. Is trusted by nearly all my friends.
    2. Is very quite.
    3. Currently obsessed with Metallica in a way that is probably not healthy.
    4. Has never had a girlfriend.
    5. Needs to get out more.
    6. Currently working in an overpaid job that i hate.
    7. Wants to meet more people that are like me.

    Blah, probably should be writing this at 1am while i'm feeling quite tired.
  3. Peachy

    Peachy ☆liberal HMod☮

    Mar 29, 2005
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    1. This may not be known to some, i HAVE very VERY weird obsession with KoRn
    2. I HATE dogs..
    3. im in COMPASS school, I technically go to boot camp at 5:30 everyday in Atmore and come home at 4:30
    4. I have a bad addiction to marijuana ( RESTRAIN YOUSELF BLUE!!)
    5. i really need a girlfriend..
    6. I'm a complete and uder Lesbian almost
    7. I miss Jina..
    8. I need to work out more, I throw up everyday at COMPASS for running so much
    9. I sleep more often than normal people should
    11. i sleep on back porch, i think its comfortable
    12. I love to fight
    13. I'm a total *******
    14. My probation officer's name John Fountain
    15. I love Hacker for some weird FREGGIN reason
    16. my best ANNOYING
  4. shinigami

    shinigami The Dark Prince

    Aug 8, 2005
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    1 I'm quite
    2. like to read about guns/go to the gun range weather permitting
    3. work at a underpaying job but it is money
    4. was teased as a kid because of my name and I wore glasses
    5. likes cats

    there may be more can't think of any at the time
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  5. Orion

    Orion Gears

    Jun 27, 2005
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    Here are a few things you may not have known about me...

    • Has allergies
    • Has moved three or four times in my lifetime
    • Is very outgoing and likes to cook
    • I make friends very easily with my personality, both male and female
    • Is admired by some girls in my class, a little too much if you know what I mean :sweat2:
    • Likes the song 1985 by Bowling For Soup
    • Is now waging war with one of my ex best friends
    • Plans to stay on BJP for a very long time and take the lead in all-time leading poster list
    • Likes to play board games, especially Warhammer 40K
    • Was teased up until 8th grade because I was a little overweight
    • Played football since 4th grade
    • Thinks Ragnarok is obsessed with BJP :p
    • Love's Ciel's art
    • Likes to play RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) games on the computer
    • Got into highschool :D
    • Is good at math and doesn't mind homework that much
    • As of 2/15, can bench 100 pounds nine times
    • Loves to workout
    • Has had 4 different girlfriends since 2005.
    • Likes Brit Rock
    • Hopes to be an avvid programer and writer, as well as artist
    • Has a brother, although some people may have known that
    • Favorite food is Cheeseburgers from Redamack's in Indiana
    • Was asked to go see a movie about two gay cowboys by a friend, only to decline.
    • Is one of the strongest kids in my grade because I put my football team's biggest lineman on his back with a good hit
    • Hopes to join Anime Club at my highschool
    • Wants to live in Japan
    • Reading through some of your traits we didn't know about, I have been surprised several times
  6. Iya


    Oct 16, 2003
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    Allergic to scallop.
    I've never had a boyfriend.
    I hate Louis Vutton.(it's so ugly)
    Ranch is my ketchup.
    I care what other people think about me.
    Love staying up all night but I love to sleep.
    I'm scared to get old.
    I hate roller coasters.
    I keep my feeling bottles up.
    I love thunderstorms.
    I can get very obsessive(however you spell that).
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  7. Seishin

    Seishin Guest

    *Morally bankrupt
    *Only had one job
    *Was sad over what happened at Lust on Episode 47 (Deep depression)
    *Listen to mostly, if not only, Anime songs
    *Took Tae-Kwon-Do
    *Love Actor Commentary

    That's all I can think of for now...

  8. Baphijmm

    Baphijmm Kunlun Knight

    Mar 8, 2003
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    1.) I am an astrophysics major, currently working with a group of scientists on a sodium dynamo in an attempt to better understand the magnetic fields of stars. (For all you Half-Life fans: I work in New Mexico, and Black Mesa is within view of our laboratory. XD )
    2.) Though I never owned my instrument, I have always been a band geek. In fact, as I fill this out, I'm listening to Malaguena, a song we performed my junior year of high school.
    3.) I have OCD, amnesia, and narcolepsy.
    4.) My custom title may say otherwise, but my actual favorite anime of all time is Princess Tutu.
    5.) Having grown up in Cincinnati, home of several World Record-holding roller coasters, I love them to death.
    6.) I have a geology museum display set up in my room.
    7.) I used to be an aquarium enthusiast to the point that I actually wanted to own and run a public aquarium.
    8.) I design costumes and clothing on the side; while I've not tried getting money for it, it is a serious prospect of mine in the future.
    9.) I am in the process of writing several novels.
    10.) My picture has been on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer, right next to George Bush and Brittany Spears. (The closest I'd ever want to get to either, tbh)
    11.) I have starred in a Star Wars fan movie (the idea for which actually started here, back when this site was MangaToAnime); I have also been in many different audio dramas produced by Sigma Phi Kappa Productions.
    12.) I am currently in my second musical, Orpheus in the Underworld.

    And I'll stop there, since you said to retrain ourselves. ^^;
  9. Sabrina

    Sabrina New Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    hmm....what dont you know about me?
    *im engaged to Gensai
    *my hair is red but sometimes it looks blonde
    *i have trouble finding dresses that will fit my huge ass and boobs while also fitting my slightly smaller waist
    *i have an obsession with spongebob AND lord of the rings
    *i love singing christina aguliera music and dancing to it
    *im in show choir
    *i talk on the phone more than i talk on the internet nowadays
    *when i meet someone new i give them a ninja turtle handshake instead of a boring normal one
    *my elvish name is Aranel
    *my reg. name is Celtic for princess
    *i often wonder what people dont know about me

    peace out!
  10. Hitokiri_Gensai

    Hitokiri_Gensai Gunslinger Girl

    Feb 27, 2003
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    whoa. first post in.... yeah a very long time.

    hrmmmmm leseeeeee then


    #this is my fourth year on BJP
    #ive taken Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmenship) for 10 years
    #im a HUGE Lord of the Rings DORK (just ask my fiancee XD)
    #im a huge fan of Spongebob (SHUT UP I LIKE IT)
    #I live in a small town and wanna stay here (so does my fiancee)
    #im into MUSIC of any type (cept for most rap and hip hop)
    #i wear glasses (oooooooo)
    #i work in a resturant and sell performance parts for Japanese Imports (DIRECT CONNECTION TO TOKYO BABY!)
    #im a high school drop out (i DID graduate though *LONG story*)
    #ive smoked cigarettes since i was 8 (yeah yeah bad habit)
    #i wear a kimono around everyday
    #i typically wear a short sword around all day
    #my name (Gensai, which i go by all the time) is the name of a 19th Century Assassin named Kawakami Gensai (yes i am called Gensai by most people)
    #i can be an a** on the road (did you know a Corolla can do 115?)
    #my best friend lives about 16 hours from me
    #i think J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the greatest geniuses of our time (YOU KNOW IT)
    #I play Half Life: Counter Strike, in the professional leagues (DORK)

    ok ok im stopping really im stopping
  11. Chane

    Chane Audience of One

    Nov 28, 2005
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    Well, here we go...

    -- Have a minor case of scoliosis (about a half a centimeter curvature to the right near the tail bone)
    -- Have been to five different psychiatrists between the ages of nine and sixteen.
    -- Have fairly bad sociaphobia and paranoia
    -- Favorite cartoons when younger were Rugrats and Muppet Babies; if given a chance would still watch them
    -- Believes heavily in the possibility of the supernatural
    -- Is afraid of the dark, namely when alone
    -- Dropped out of highschool in senior year
    -- Until I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina, had never been out of the area of New Jersey to Pennsylvania.
    -- Frequently feels the urge to cry in certain parts of movies, books, songs or anime/television shows
    -- Although I look at pornography, tend to feel uncomfortable when watching a love scene in a movie or reading one in a book
    -- Is attracted to the male gender
    -- Has a VERY short attention span, which is a killer for my writings
    -- Sings in the shower
    -- Have eight cats currently, all from my girlfriend; Nyx, Faith, Gizmo, Blue Eyes White Kitten (Blue), Normy, Jack Sparrow and Sickboy
    -- Used to write poetry
    -- Never smoked or did drugs, but enjoy drinking when I can, namely tequila
    -- I knew my girlfriend on the internet for several years before I decided to leave home and move in with her and her family; been here for about nine months now. And still a virgin.
    -- Likes having long hair but is afraid of putting it into a ponytail in public, because he was teased to the point of crying when I did it once as a child
    -- I'm hypocrite to the extreme. I'm logical but superstitious to some extent, a pessimistic optimist-romantic and often takes a different side to an argument on different occasions.
    -- Was raised Catholic until around 13; I was going through CCD classes and when I had asked too many questions about inconsistencies that bothered me I was told that I didn't have to be Catholic if I didn't want to by my religion teacher. To this day I feel bad because it was this that got her removed from our church and is no longer allowed to teach Catholic classes to children.
    -- Can't stand: Bible-thumpers, over-zealous pro-lifers, and homophobes
    -- Seems more racist than I really am due to some words I use; I am, however, mildly racist and stereotype quite often
    -- I've used people in the past, being nice to them to get my way in certain situations
    -- Most of the friends I have are female (about eighty percent of them)
    -- I have four uncles. One is gay, one is a cop, one is an alcoholic and one was a former gambler and was a muscleman contestant for two years. My mother is a hypochondriac and a "cutter". My sister cut herself for several years. My grandmother and grandfather on my mother's side are religious (Catholic). My father is a drunk and a crack addict; used to be a carpenter. His father left before he was born, and his mother is a cold-hearted *****. M y brother is currently taking online courses to get work using computers. He is married, and has a dog named Buddy, and owns a house.
    -- My full name is Matthew Christopher Hage; I was originally supposed to be named Christopher, but by demand of my father's mother, it was changed.

    People who've known me for a while would know some of this stuff, but most of the people that knew me from here have left long ago. So..
  12. Basher

    Basher Mad Writing Skillz

    Mar 21, 2003
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    Hmm nice thread FR. What people don't know about me. Hmmmm.

    *I am a b****. (Not kidding here. I don't take any crap. I think it is a good thing.) Plus I don't care if people call me one.
    *I like video games.
    *I have done drugs. Well weed that is about it unless you count the time when it was laced and I almost feel down the stairs 3 times while trying to feed the cat. I forget it like 3 times and then gave up. Heh.
    *I used to drink. Not too much since I have had my son being that I am legal now.
    *I am manipulative. I am used to getting what I want. I don't over do it though. I have learned my limits.
    *Late last year I had two anxiety attacks due to over whelming stress. My father has changed so much I personally think he has gone crazy. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. My sister crashed her car and wanted to borrow mine. Everyone wanted me too. My son’s father wanted to give up his rights so he can stop paying child support. My son was losing sleep due to my work hours. I tried to switch and they gave me the run around. And a few other small trefoil things like bills, and etc.
    *My son’s father has earned two names “Sperm Donor” and “Convenient Father” (Only sees his son when it is convenient for him usually around holidays so he can look good to his family).
    *I get along with my Son’s grandfather more then his father.
    *My son’s father was very emotionally abusive and abusive towards me when we were together. He was also controlling. For a time I had a restraining order against him.
    *I have been trying to hang out with a few co-workers but this Sunday I forgot our lunch date. I blame it on moving.
    *I LOVE Smallville, Veronica Mars, Medium, Bones, Supernatural, and Numb3rs.
    *I have CRIED (yes me) when Sailormoon/Serenia finds out she is the princess. (This is coming from the person who laughs when people die and cries when animals die wither it be anime or not.)

    That’s all you don’t need to know. Ha
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  13. Hitokiri_Gensai

    Hitokiri_Gensai Gunslinger Girl

    Feb 27, 2003
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    erm i believe your refering to iaijutsu which is a break off of traditional kenjutsu based upon the rapid unsheathing of the Japanese sword under duress.

    and depending on where you live, its illegal to carry a katana around without a permit.
  14. Jackabee

    Jackabee Captain Jackabee Sparrow

    Jul 19, 2005
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    know facts about the Lesser Spotted Jackabee:

    • I'm weird... oh wait that was established.
    • I love cats, but my father is allergic to them... as is my Aunt (apparently). I have inconvienently wanted one since I was a little child.
    • I have minor Asthma, which is triggered by my allergies. Due the fact that, since I have moved I have not had my yearly week of allergy/asthma-ness, I have concluded that I am allergic to sweet gum tree pollen. (there was a huge sweet gum tree in the backyard of my old house)
    • My asthma may also be triggered by upper respritory illnesses... great.
    • I have never been on a date... well at least not that I'm aware of...
    • I have glasses... it would be illegal for me to drive with out them (not to mention really dangerous)(be afraid, be very afraid).
    • I am ADD... and I swear that I am proof positive it exists.
    • I like bird watching emensly.
    • Instead of being jealous of others' art, I just tend to use it as more amo to down play my own skills... if they exist to begin with.
    • I think it's weird when some one calls me beautiful or says something to that effect.
    • I have been whistled at by 'rednecks' in passing vehicles at least 3 times... this is greatly unnerving when you are just walking along. (also see above)
    • I have never gotten the chicken pox... so I have to get the vaccine.
    • I have a really small family... 1 grandmother, 0 grandfathers, 1 mother, 1 father, 1 sister, 2 aunts, 0 uncles, 2 cousins... (it keeps getting smaller T_T)
    • My current roommate is from Nepal, my previous was from South Korea.
  15. Hitohiro

    Hitohiro Angel of Wind

    Nov 5, 2004
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    1. I talk like Kenshin, that I do, on the computer and in real life.
    2. Gensai is my sensei. (Go Gensai)
    3. I love anything Japanese.
    4. I write songs for a living, sorta.
    5. LIsten to any kind of music.
    6. Practice Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu for about a year, using a cheap sword.(BAD idea)
    7. I wear glasses.
    8. I'm close to obese but no there.
    9. I'm in AFJROTC.
    10. I almost died from H. Palori(not sure on spelling) last year.
    11. Punctured, broken, or spranged just about every part of my body.
    12. Wrote a poem that was read by the Pres. a couple years ago.
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  16. Soitsu

    Soitsu Flame Alchemist!

    Dec 30, 2005
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    1.I hate my life life has no point
    3.I wish I was never born
    4.I live life as though each day I was going to die
    5.I could commit suicide
    6.I don't have any true firends(never have)
    7.I don't believe in wishing

    And these are all negative comments...but TRUE!!!:D (WTF a smily why am I putting up a smily)
  17. Hacker

    Hacker ~Richie Rich~

    May 21, 2005
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    * I love animals
    * I cannot whistle...except for this one bird whistle
    * I love Travis Barker, and Carey Hart
    * I like it to be cold when i sleep so i can warm up during my slumber@_@
    * The only thing i really carry in my purse, which i hate to carry (my purse), is my psp
    *I love Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty<goth one & normal one
    *I am very artistic i love art and music
    * The piano is my favorite instrument
    * I have a scary black and grey monkey i carry around the house sometimes
    * Never had the chicken pox
    * Although my mom speaks japanese (her 1st lang.)...i can't speak it very well
    * I'm half blind, but don't wear glasses (serious about the blind thing, on vision test i got 100/20)<the higher the blinder
    *My house has Buddas in it
    *I am japanese!!!^____^
    *i rather be a football player than a cheerleader
    * I like to make people laugh
    * My mom and real dad are divorced
    * My mom and real dad are both japanese
  18. Chance

    Chance Admitted Pokemon Fan.

    Jul 28, 2004
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    -Is an otaku. xD
    -Has been to eleven Coheed and Cambria concerts
    -Drives a mazda Miata
    -Was in Volleyball, track and swimming in highschool
    -Shops at Hollister and PacSun because she's a snob. XD
    -Was labeled Emo and went with it
    -Has red hair currently
    -Can't say no to a free thing
    -Never pays someone back
    -Corrects peoples grammar
    -Rp's on gaiaonline as Lucky Vereaux and has a whole clan of Vereaux
    -Likes Faeries
    -Is a pervert
    -Wins all ties
    -Makes grown men cry with her shameless remarks
    -Considers her manga collection small at 231 titles
    -spent $843.21 on clothing this last sunday
    -smokes newports like a fiend
    -is back like a heartattack
  19. Hacker

    Hacker ~Richie Rich~

    May 21, 2005
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    i was thinkinh about it all day, also got some ideas from Lucky:catgirl:


    -loves to play
    -shops at Old Navy and Hot Topic
    -afraid of Spencer's
    -Actually owns a book on hacking
    -thinks Bill Gates is cool
    -a pervert
  20. Hitohiro

    Hitohiro Angel of Wind

    Nov 5, 2004
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    -Would never smoke a day in my life
    -Drink like I'm Irish, which I am
    -Use to be the most perverted guy you would ever meet
    -Can change into what people now call "Perverted mode"(like SSJN)
    -Got rid of my bed so i could sleep on the floor like the Japanese did in the old days(Big mistake!)
    -Am known as "The Prince of Comebacks"

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