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  1. KaYasha

    KaYasha I'm Boelak Yrubron

    Jul 29, 2004
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    1 The first time I ever smoked a cig was in 2nd grade when I lived in Liberty.
    2 Pot was when I was in 5th grade.
    3 I wonder a lot why I do drugs and such, but then I relize it is the only thing that makes me happy anymore.
    4 I hate my life. I act happy a lot, but I can't remember the last time I was truely happy.
    5 My parents think I am crazy and they dislike me because I am gay.
    6 I tried killing myself by taking rat poisen.
    7 I am not a heavy drinker, but I like to take shots.
    8 I am always in a better mood on rainy days.
    9 I really don't have much emotion, it is there.. but I don't feel it. ( So hard to explain I really don't think anyone could understand it.)
    10 I am an all A student, but I have fears I am going to try so hard and never do anything with my life.
    11 I still cut, just in places most can't see now.
    12 Most people think I am a crazy and usually happy person.
    13 I have dreams about the end of the world.
    14 I am a lifeguard.
    15 I am usually not in the right state of mind when I post latly. LOL True story, can't remember a sober post in a while.
  2. Peachy

    Peachy ☆liberal HMod☮

    Mar 29, 2005
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    1. I am a extreme Static-X fan.
    2. I love Ford trucks/cars, as long as it's a Ford.
    3. I look just like my dad. I think that's why my mom hates me so much. <.<
    4. I use profanity alot, though I think it's childish.
    5. I hate people who complain about everything when they have everything to be happy about. ( *thumbs up and smiles at Kayasha*)
    6. People around me dislike me for my aggressivness.
    7. I've been arrested 6 times in my life, I think that should be known.
    8. One of my favorite things to do is sleep outside.
    9. I am a dreamer, you'd think I was some jerk-off gothic/emo person. I'm not really, I just wish I could be some where else.
    10. I write poetry to tell people things I can't say myself.
    11. I am dating Nameless. WoW.
    12. I'm not one of the smartest people in math and many other subjects so I choose to be in the militairy. Most likely, National Guard.
    13. I'm a very anger person. I've come to terms with it.

    This is all. Some of this stuff is stuff you'd like to know about me you didn't. So dunno..Last post here.
  3. Merrick

    Merrick New Member

    Jan 15, 2006
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    Eh... yeah whatever

    1. I'm a big loner, but hardly anyone cops on.
    2. I really hate summer.
    3. I'm much cleverer than I pretend to be.

    That'll do.
  4. Alchemy_Dude

    Alchemy_Dude is addicted to bad ideas.

    Dec 21, 2005
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    I might as well post, though they may not be the most interesting facts.

    People don't know that I...
    1. like anime (you guys know, though:p )
    2. constantly question the existence of God
    3. plan to go into a military career
    4. think that I'm a coward
    5. listen to Emo music obsessively (I REALLY don't look like it)
    6. am a member of countless online forums (my parents don't like me giving out my e-mail address, but they don't know about the one I use)
    7. have a crush on my best friend (I hope she's not on BJP!)

    P.S. Oh, and I'm also a Daoist (A.K.A. Taoist)
  5. Basher

    Basher Mad Writing Skillz

    Mar 21, 2003
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    Been a while but heh. I might as well say it. I am going for unpredictible information.

    1. One thing you don't know about me. And anyone can say whatever they want about this. I LIKE BARBIE MOVIES. I am not kidding here. I have watched ALL of them in the last 6 months. I have ALL of them. My son "likes" barbie but mostly falls asleep. I'll watch it from start to finish. I can't say that I got it for him. I got it for me. I think it is the story and my love for fairy tales but that wouldn't explain the barbie diaries movie.

    2. Something else. I watch the 4Kids shows of Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H. I secertly like the idea of Bloom from Winx to be with Prince Sky and Will from W.I.T.C.H. to be with Caleb. But the little blood hooker Cornelia. She really is a witch.
  6. Luffy

    Luffy I Can See A New Horizon

    Apr 15, 2006
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    1. Im cool
    2. Hate my soccer coach
    3. Really likes Mc. Donalds
    4. Wants to save the Panda population
    5. Would like to hug a sea turtle
    6. Favorite Actor is Jack Black or Will Ferrel
    7. Really really really likes to play WoW
    8. Favorite food is Pizza yummy
    9. Likes Video Games perhaps too much
    10. Really likes to hang out on the boards

    Yay me!
  7. Hiro

    Hiro Active Member

    Jul 11, 2003
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    1. totally single lol
    2. Italian... like uberly
    3. daydreams all the time
    4. hopeless-romantic-loser-type
    5. youngest out of 4 kids (3 older sisters)
    6. never got into a fist fight
    7. My favorite movie is The Notebook (I am NOT gay lol)
    8. I still buy all the pokemon gameboy games ( :anime: )
    9. I can moo like a cow... (seriously... call me sometime Ill do it "YOU WONT!")
    10. Im in college to become a music teacher
    11. I play like 23 different instruments
    12. I own a PSP, DS, Gamecube, and Xbox... but only own 5 games total
    13. I dont even have my permit yet but I own a car (im almost 18 too lol)
    14. I bought a trumpet instead of my first car (but ended up gatting a free car anyway HECK YES!)
    15. I fell emo sometimes lol (stupid Emo people... i hate whoever invented EMO!)
    16. I could have made it into harvard or Yale or MIT but decided to go to the University Of South Florida
    17. I love swords
    18. I eralize more and more that girls these days dont like romantic guys lol and that sucks for me
    19. I spend over an hour a day on the computer....

    cant think of anything else right now so thats about it... yea....
  8. Phalanx

    Phalanx Long Live M2A!

    Dec 15, 2002
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    1. Really misses his gf, who's in India atm.
    2. Feels anti-social sometimes.
    3. Loves to write, refine my grammer and create.
    4. Has noticed that my spelling ability has tapered off in the past two years.
    5. Really likes to play Diablo2 (and with my old comp, it's all I can play).
    6. Has an intense craving for orange chicken.
    7. Just woke up an hour ago and contemplating if I should get dressed.
    8. Has researched occult topics.
    9. Likes manga, starting to dislike anime.
    10. Hates being bothered or annoyed.
    11. Still plays AD&D with paper, pens and dice.
    12. Just started riding horses bareback.
    13. Loves to paintball.
    14. Loves to sleep even more.
    15. Has a cell phone with a broken screen, resulting in me memorizing all neccessary numbers.

    And, there you go.
  9. Chance

    Chance Admitted Pokemon Fan.

    Jul 28, 2004
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    Lesser known things, aye..>.>

    -Is depressed.
    -She has an obsession or two.
    -Wishes she knew what to say to certain people.
    -Isn't sure how many credits she has, but she needs 24 atleast..o_O
    -Wishes certain people didn't make her interested.
    -Can't see herself driving legally.
    -Got stomped in soul caliber 2 by one person, and one person alone.
    -Wishes she had a camel.
  10. Samurai Me

    Samurai Me New Member

    Feb 18, 2006
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    I may as well post here

    I go by the Name Nikku.
    My GF is Hacker, but I call her Naiko.
    I study Bujikan Ninjitsu.
    Am one of the best Shuriken throwers in the class (YaY)
    I love Chocolate chip cookie dough.
    I am a Bass guitarist
    I love lizards and wish that they had not illegalized the Iguana here in maine >.<
    I almost died when I was 14 of poison
    I have a brother and a sis and one half brother.
    Am the oldest of three.
    Loves RPG games, and has probally played almost everyone for SNES there is
    I absoulutly love the song "Dude looks like a lady" by Arrow Smith
    Loves to rock on his guitar...and Hard lmao (Sounds wrong I know)
    Has a 10 hour job working on the coast of Maine.
    Im 6 foot 1....woot long live tall people
    Annnnnnd can be a pervert depending on the conversation. (lol ahhhh yes arn't we all)
    Thats really all there is to me lol
  11. Ashika

    Ashika This thing is so short...

    Feb 5, 2005
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    Ok...things not known about me...nothing juicy but hey, here.

    1. I have HADD ( I had it!,kidding)
    2. I play piano and guitar.
    3. I have this weird intuitive thing,...
    4. I can read palms
    5. my hair is down to my waist
    6. I like to ice fish
    7. Even though I procastinate to a fault, I still get straight A's, take that whoever laughed!
    8. I have preety bad asthma
    9. I have participated in numerous state choral and instrumental festivals
    10. I have more books than my bookshelf can hold. (Well over 900 and im in highschool)

    *announcer voice* WAIT THERE"S MORE.
    11. I have recently played the crud out of my piano, Chopin never sounded so good :p
    12. For Hiro's sake so he can have hope that we arn't extinct. I am still a very romantic girl. In fact Id be classified under it as a sub catagory with random, and sentimentaly mature.
    13. I can be a serious pervert. But not even my friends know that.
    14. <--is my favorite number
    15. Some people think im a weak-willed girl that has no boldness. It's all an act, they'll see someday!
    16. I have a super bad habit of picking my lips.
    17. I love old music, rock, new age, and everything else other than rap.
    18. Im artistic I guess, but no one knows that I contantly doodle, and compose random songs in my head.
    19. Have major patience snaps and go somewhere and break things or tug on my braid really hard.
    20. I do also buy close at least 2 sizes larger that me.
    21. I compose an write songs on guitar.
    22. I have hunted with a bow and arrow for 4 years.
    23. No one attempts to beat me at darts.
    24. I have some weird connection to guys with red or dark brown hair.
    25. I just remembered when I talked to Hitohiro. Jocks scare me. Alot.
  12. KaYasha

    KaYasha I'm Boelak Yrubron

    Jul 29, 2004
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    - Has posted on a Christain forum with a friend ( Bailee ) as a lesbian couple. :D

    - Teaches Small Children how to swim in the mornings.

    - Doesn't like kids. ( Which makes what I said above funny)
    - I'm not the same person as when I joined. Yes, I am still Kaleob Norbury, but like what I am like in "real life" has changed.. a lot.
    - I always buy cloths to big for me. Really. It is sad. I have no clue why I do, but it happens. :p
  13. Lance Leingod

    Lance Leingod The White Blade

    Feb 26, 2006
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    The little things known about me :D....or will be known....

    1) I daydream
    2) I'm always bored for some reason in everything I do (which is really odd to me since I have fun writing some times o_O)
    3) I'm a natural at Math and its the best thing I like about school
    4) I love RPGs :)p)
    5) My girlfriend is Yukiko or Ally
    6) When I'm bored in class at school for some reason, either from nothing to do, works already done or I just don't want to talk to others, I pick up something like a pencil and start making up stories in my head to pass the time. They range from the pencil being a super hero that can do stuff or something else depending on my mood
    7) <--- This is my favorite number
    8) If I'm mad at someone for some reason, I'll be very silent and I'll start either reading a book, do work for no reason when its already done, or do number 6
    9) I like Manga more than Anime
    10) I collect pictures of different things on the internet that could range from backgrounds to using them for RPG characters
    11) I make sigs and avatars when I'm bored for no reason when I'm not really going to be using them anyway
    12) I've beaten almost every game I've ever played unless its either a piece of crap game or because it was just too hard for me at the moment but I'll play them later and beat them
    13) I want to grow my hair out and style it like Himura Kenshin's hair is
    14) I like to write
    15) I hang around with girls more than I do boys
    16) When I do hang around girls, people think I like who ever I'm around with all the time and make fun of me for it.
    17) Most of the time, I did have a crush on girls I'm around with all the time but I get dumped in the end....that's until I met Ally :D, then I just tell them that I already have a girlfriend
    18) I'm obessed with the name Lance Leingod :p
    19) <--- This number is my second favorite
    20) I really like swords of any kind
    21) My favorite boy names are Lance, Michael, Troy, Sakiharu, and Ramirez.
    22) My favorite girl names are Ally, Yukiko, Zoe, Fina and Sarah.
    23) I really like names that aren't really used often and that sound cool
    24) I have a dog and two cats
    25) I've been really depressed before
    26) I have had like a dozen crushes in one year but all turned down
    27) I have two computers but I use my mom's labtop more often than the other one
    28) I like Kingdom Hearts
    29) I'm starting to like the game series Devil May Cry
    30) I get RPG ideas every single day
    31) When I get ideas for a new RPG, I always have this crave to start it
    32) I can be a real pervert some of the times :p. I even freaked out my friends at school
    33) I'm very bad at telling jokes, I can't say one to save my life
    34) I'll get into almost any RPG that I see or hear about
    35) I like cats for some reason
    36) I like using the computer
    37) My favorite food is Ramen, pizza and bread
    38) I'm really mature for my age
    39) I can not spell to save my life some times
    40) I'll just go on talking about things I like. Swords and RPGs are examples.
    41) I wear glasses
    42) I like my glasses
    43) I will sometimes stay up all night and sleep through the day unless its a school night
    44) My favorite colors are Blue, Kenshin's kind of red and orange, and brown colored hair with black in it
    45) I like making up things
    46) I've painted only three painting in school
    47) I can't draw worth anything
    48) I'm on more boards than I can count on my hands
    49) My favorite sword style is Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu
    50) I like to talk to other people

    As I said, I like to write :D
  14. inuyasharules14

    inuyasharules14 New Member

    Mar 11, 2006
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    Okie Dokes, well here goes,
    1-Umm some of u may kno this but Samurai Me is my older brother
    2-I have 3 brothers no sisters
    3-I was abused by my boyfriend last year
    4-I'm a chatter-box
    5-I want to go skydiving and bungee jumping
    6-Ok, I kno Basher will be with me on this, I like the Barbie movies
    7-I studied Japanese for the past 3 years
    8-I work at a blueberry processing job
    9-I love to read
    10-I play guitar and write songs
    11-I write poetry and enter it in contests
    12-I have no allergies
    13-I have an obsession with dying my hair
    14-When I get stressed I tend you cut my hair
    15-Sprite is my favorite soda
    16-I have more friend online than I do off
    17-I've been picked on since kindergarten
    18-I shot a turkey when I was 12
    19-I have cloud sheets, pillows, and comforters on my bed
    20-My room is almost always messy(except now its clean)
    I think thats enough for now:p
  15. Peachy

    Peachy ☆liberal HMod☮

    Mar 29, 2005
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    Last post. Sware. It's been a month or two.

    1. I dyed my hair bergandy. I really like the style i'm messing with. It makes me look a tad emo but who cares?

    2. Now a long one..Every time I think about Tifa and Aeries I get lost in thought. Ok, Aries is beautful right..? Yet, Tifa has got that "girl next door" thing going on. Aries has just got naturally beauty and innocence.. GAWH! I'm thinking about it.

    3. Dating a 18 year-old. He's extremly goth..though I hate even defining him in that term I guess I am too. Just thought that'd be something everyone didn't know and would like to know. Austin James Buettner. It's pronounced like Bettner, but it's irish so who cares..?

    4. I have a way of melting people's heart like Aeries herself. I hate the whole girly thing she's got but..I just am kind when I SHOULDN'T be and forgiving when I SHOULDN'T be. I'm there when you need me and that's the one thing I can say about myself with confidence.

  16. KaYasha

    KaYasha I'm Boelak Yrubron

    Jul 29, 2004
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    I do bad things. :D Lets not get into detail. ;)

    I really don't care about Choir, I think of it as something to do while at school. Its sad, because a lot of people are so devoted to it.. its scary!

    My teeth hurt. I think it is from Chewing gum though..

    My job sucks! Never lifeguard.. unless it is a really cool place. They were going to make me guard for the highschool pool party.. which is my birthday.. wtf.

    Um.. thats all for now. I think the FBI is on to me. :p J/k of course.
  17. Hacker

    Hacker ~Richie Rich~

    May 21, 2005
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    is it still okay to post here?


    *loves Shaun White
    *Is in love with Samurai_Me's dad
    *wears knee high socks with gym uniform (its like a tradition)
    *feels stupid for posting on this thread
    *is going to live with Samurai_Me
    *dislikes Coach Whitten
    *likes the teacher everybody hates
    *is on the yearbook staff
    *loves how Mrs. Gillen acts retarded
    *loooooooooooves fruity pebbles
    *hates people who hog things:(
    *hates people who bites there nails
    *also goes by scribblez:catgirl:
    *feels like i'm going to get in trouble for posting on this....again..<
  18. Fushigi Rockna

    Mar 4, 2003
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    Hacker, it's okay to post in this thread, it's just not okay to be spammy.

    Just to make it clear this is the LESSER THINGS KNOWN ABOUT YOU thread, not the Random Facts about you thread. Random is okay, but don't go to the extent that it becomes spammy and we really aren't learning anything about you at all.

    or at least post something others may find interesting. =/

    Picking up where I left off:
    21. Has a strange attraction to older men. And I don't mean 5 years older, I mean late twenties, early thirties...heck, even guys reaching or already in their forties. Don't ask. >>;;;
    22. on that note, I've grown an attraction to Jean Reno. >.O
    23. is secretly a Megatron fangirl. YOU'D NEVER KNOW~ (no seriously, I never talk about transformers so you'd never know that I lurve Megatron XDD)
    24. Thunderclease fangirl as well >> (from the Brak Show)
    25. has the guts to start singing "The Internet is For Porn" in the middle of class and in crowded hallways.
    26. I now star in an adorable little comic written by a friend. The comic, "Paying Rent on Avenue Y", (and yes, this came about after watching Rent and being exposed to the first taste of Avenue Q) stars me ("Ze Plushie Queen FR"), the friend who wrote the comic, Jami ("The Pet"), our friend Kristen ("QSB The Sleep Deprived" QSB standing for Queen Shnoogle Berry) and our other friend Josh ("Joshua Dynomite", named because he's starting to resemble Napoleon Dynomite. =/) Yeah, long story short, the comic is pure crack.
    No that was not a shameless plug, wtf are you talking about, you crazy...<< >>...
    27.Speaking of Jami, I'm her Mistress. :DDD Yayz.
    28. At my brithday I got 2 new fish (well actually 4 but the other two died D: ) a cat fish named Kitty and a shark fish named Roy Mustang. However, me and my mother soon noticed Roy Mustang's...growth. He had a bit of a tummy when we got him but in a quick while (like only a few days) it became huge. The rest of his body began to catch up to his tummy in size, but the belly was still considerably bigger. This lead me to believe that I had mistaken my fish's gender and that I now had a pregnant fish. (he would've been impregnated at the pet store) So, for a while, I ran around exclaiming "ROY MUSTANG IS PREGANANT!"
    Great fun that.
    Turns out he was never pregnant at all...he just grew quick. =/ Anyways, my fish are no longer in my room. My mom moved them all into one big tank.
    30. Roger is a teddy bear of mine. I sleep with him every night. He's named after Bridget's teddy bear from Guilty Gear, who happens to be named after Roger Taylor of Queen. Originally as a joke, Roger became my 'censorship bear', getting drawn into pictures when there was a certain body part I was not comfortable with drawing =DDDD;;; Soon tho he manifested himself into this huge inside joke. He's my scape goat for everything. XD So if you were wondering why the hell my custom title says 'Damnit, Roger!' you now know.
  19. Peachy

    Peachy ☆liberal HMod☮

    Mar 29, 2005
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    A few new things about myself.

    1. I am indeed a deep thinker. People here may think that my brain is completly clouded with pot, xanex, shoots..etc. BUT I think alot. I try to write it in poetry exactly what my opinions are about things but some times is doesn't work.

    2. Music is clearly my life. I listen to alot of things, not just rock and NuMetal. I get into the lyrics and the mood the music sets.

    4. I have a problem with my anger ^^ I attack people alot when I get angry. Probaly why i'm in CS!..well duh that's the reason i'm in CS..-_- Gawh, life sucks some times.

    5. Somethin' about myself that i'm really proud of. I am diffently like my father in every way. He's gone, so now i'm his reflection. =O I drink (my family heritage) without gettin' drunk for a long time, I sleep alot, I have chicken **** green eyes, My hair was originally a blackish color, I have this crack in my voice that a few people pointed out, I have a big nose, I play basketball like a maniac, and i'm him in every way..<3 I love my daddy.

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