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    Apparently im only really good at writing "soul crushingly sad" stories, sooo heres another short bit.

    no title for it though.

    It was raining again.

    BUt then i felt like it had been raining since i returned.

    The water poured off my cover, and drained over my shoulders, running between the ribbons on my chest.

    I stared into the grey sky, the hard rain that fell. COld, despite the summer months.

    "Im sorry" I finally managed to say.

    "Im sorry i wasnt there to protect you" My voice trailed into the rain as it drummed against the hard Kansas ground.

    "I promised you i would, and i... i wasnt there... and i should have been" I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.

    I looked at my hands, and slowly up the sleeves of my uniform to the chevrons on my shoulders.

    "I dont even know what this uniform means anymore"

    I looked down at the ribbons on my chest, markers of jobs and things id done. Meaningless metal, cold and ugly.

    "I dont know why i fight...anymore..." My voice disappeared in a clap of thunder.

    "I was supposed to be there, no matter what" My stare returned to the flat horizon that stretched into the grey sky.

    "Christina, im sorry" the tears were falling, fading into the rain, streaming down my face.

    "I love you so..." My voice dropped as a sob escaped.

    I dropped my hands down to her headstone.

    "I dont..." I tried to start but my voice failed to utter the words.
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    I liked it. And you know

    I liked it. And you know why. Like I said I like how you can assume so much and yet not know. Also leave in the ribbons because I have a clear enough idea that that is even though I have never been part of army/navy/what it was.
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    this puts me in mindset of

    this puts me in mindset of cloud and aerith for some strange reason. maybe you should give em' some sort of big sword like him so he can cut himself.

    I told you what I thought of it on yahoo so no need to say anything sweet and nice besides it's nice and well thought out! :) well done as always.

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