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Discussion in 'Rurouni Kenshin' started by sangotaijiya, Jul 3, 2011.

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    I'm excited about these occurrences. Hopefully there will be a Rurouni Renaissance.

    I love the guy they got to play Kenshin in the film. He's as girlie looking as Kenshin and was a fan of the manga growing up, so he'll be perfect.

    I hope the new anime is either a complete franchise reboot, which will follow the manga faithfully, or at least the long-awaited Jinchuu Arc.
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    Surprised this hasn't gotten much press around here - it's been known since April, apparently!

    On the anime announcement - This is fantastic news for a series going on 15 years old, but one that has been a definitive and epic part of my personal anime collection. Of course, this collection is limited to the first 2/3rds, having the manga stand in for Jinchuu where it belongs instead of treading into the dreadful third part of filler that plagued the original animation. I know pieces of that story have been imagined already in the ever popular OVA series, however, regardless of how artistic and iconic those pieces have been (often even forming divisible rifts between those who prefer the OVA to TV), they have never encompassed the full story and I've long thought a production in the spot-on style of the TV anime to be an impossibility.

    Thus, my absolute grandest hopes here would be simply reassembling as much of the original production cast and crew as possible (sadly without Hirotaka Suzuoki, who we lost to lung cancer in 2006) to produce the long lost Jinchuu as it always should have been (and perhaps sweeping any "Season 3" pieces that don't fit quietly under the rug).

    A reboot ala Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood would be... acceptable, I guess, but Jinchuu is what I'd really be longing for the entire. Before anyone jumps out and argues they'd need to restart in order for audiences to have context of the material, I will point out where there has been recent precedent of producing new material without the need to start over - look no further than Slayers: Revolution, which continued on from Slayers: Try 11 years later. There is also the route taken with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, where they simply reaired the earlier episodes with the new ones falling into place (although that one's more of a special case, given the new episodes took place between existing material). I would probably be ultimately forced to compare any new animation to the existing, and the entirety of the Kyoto Arc is so well executed and flawless I think any remake would pale in comparison.

    Guess we'll have to remain excited and in the dark until the next issue of Jump Square.

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