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    Hrm i was going over a lot of stuff on the OVA and TV series and id like to point a crucial difference between the two

    Hitokiri Battousai from the TV series is very very different from Hitokiri Battousai in the OVA.

    In the TV series, Kenshin is always plagued by "Hitokiri Battousai" whom hes afraid will come forth from his heart and take over his body, kinda like a split personality. When Battousai does come hes a decidedly different person. He doesnt hesitate to kill and is almost like he has no remorse for taking life nor does he care about who is in his way, which is a very different person from Kenshin, but also from Battousai in the OVA.

    In the OVA Hitokiri Battousai, is simply the strongest. But in his heart there is turmoil, he knows why he fights but he doesnt want to take lives. There is chaos within himself. He fights himself just as much as he fights those whose lives hes come to extinguish. He isnt a cold blooded killer, just a boy whose life is turmoil. Hes barely 18 and yet everyday he takes his sword and kills in the name of Heaven. Katsura Kogorou found him in Takasugi Shinsaku's Kiheitai, and when he witnessed his strength with the sword he asked him to become a killer.

    Kenshin fought because he believed he was making the world a better place. He believed by killing he would soon help to end the bloodshed he witnessed in the world. This threw his heart into turmoil. He couldnt forget the smell of blood or the faces of his victims. He was a man torn in two, one side believed that he was riding the world of evil, and yet the other he didnt want to kill.

    Battousai in the TV series seems like an uncontrollable killer in that he has no remorse for taking life, nor does he mind killing.

    Battousai in the OVA is a haunted man, torn in two by his own actions, unable to understand the chaos in his heart.
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    ^ Any opinions?

    Yes, I see where you're coming from on this one. I think another difference is that, in the OVA, the Battousai kills because he wants to, as you mentioned, make the world better. In the TV series however, the Battousaid kills because he simply wants to, though he never infact kills anyone in the whole 95 episodes, unless you count the few scenes where they do a flashback. Anyways....strange how that wokrs out huh?
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    I don't see any difference myself. Battousai in the regular story didn't want to kill either, except in the fight with Saitou. The other times he came out to kill were because Kenshin's rurouni state wasn't strong enough to defeat the enemy. Battousai as Watsuki created him wasn't a heartless killing machine. He was indeed in conflict and even expressed his dislike of killing to Katsura (Yes, I've been "doing them" well). If the Jinchuu Arc had been animated as it should've, the audience would've gotten to see this.
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    er im sorry that didnt make alot of sense to me.
    And technically the Jinchuu Arc is animated.
    If you think he wanted to fight in the war which meant he wanted to kill.. but after he killed so many he felt guilty after a while and wanted to repent.

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