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Discussion in 'Written Arts' started by Basher, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I have a strange question.

    I have started to write a couple of series of books.

    There are two series. Both series have several main characters.

    From there I decided to let each one have their own book. Like a different point of view

    I was wondering...what some people thought of that?

    One set of books will have 4. Another will have 9. They will all interlace each other.

    For example: (not in the books maybe)

    Book 1: "The first meeting after the summer holiday for the Luos Academy Student Council has come to order," Haven Incendien stated. His voice is rich with a hint of superiority.

    He had called the meeting last minute. His position is that of President of the Student Council allowed him to do so. The rest of the Student Council Representatives had to attend. The meeting is just a formality to get out of a general class. He hated general classes. They are taught by normies.

    Book 2: "The first meeting after the summer holiday for the Luos Academy Student Council has come to order," Haven Incendien recited. His voice held all his ignorance displaying it well with every word spoke from what Tajah Drampil interrupted.

    She sighed on the inside. The meeting had just begun and she could already tell that it would be a long one. The trouble Haven had gotten into earlier that day would start a long run of “special” meetings for the Student Council Representatives.

    It isn’t the fact that there would be an abundance of meetings that annoyed her. It is more to the fact about the times of the meeting. It would always be at the times of the egotistical, ignorant, wannabe playboy, and rotten misbegotten better known as Haven, wanted them. They would always be during the times of his general classes. It wouldn’t matter how much of an inconvenience it is to the other members.

    Book 3: Melany “Lane” Escuran sighed. She stared at her nails in front of her inspecting their cleanliness. She hated being brought out of her studies to do her duties especial when it involved the Student Council Representatives. She hated them all.

    She placed her hands in her lap once the miscreant, Haven Incendien had walked in. He is the one to blame for this assembly. She pondered for a moment why it is called on such short notice. She bet it is because he has a general class at this time. She wondered more if he had gotten into trouble. Like the others they could all choke down a few general classes but with his personality once something annoyed him Student Council meeting would appear. Much to her dismay one would be needed for some reason.

    She watched as he walked to his position at the table. It is of course the place where everyone could view him. It matched his complacence well. Even his walk showed how much he liked to show off. It is more of a strut. It displayed how much he thought that he is “the ****.” She more then wanted him to eat some ****.

    "The first meeting after the summer holiday for the Luos Academy Student Council has come to order," Haven stated. He hadn’t bothered to wait on any of the other member’s preparedness. His voice matched his so called superiority.

    Lane sent daggers with her eyes at him. She is obviously displeased. If he had been under a voodoo spell and she had been the voodoo master he would had been slaughter and tortured beyond recognition.

    So what are your thoughts on a series of books that interlace together?

    I heard that the only thing close to this is Lord of the Rings. But not like this. These will be seperate books. But it had lots of main characters.

    I think a .hack series is close to this.
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    While not an English major, nor someone who claims to know what he's talking about, I think the main problem here is that after hearing it 3-4 times, it will become slightly mundane and boring. Your main hurdle, and you've been doing quite a job on it from your examples, is to keep making the same scene reflect differently each time.

    I would say nine books is pushing it though, would all things revolve and interlace? Or would they connect with only some threads of connectivity? Would they gather as a group? What would happen at that point?

    Major creativity needed, and I'm sure you've got that in spades, Bash!

    From a personal standpoint, I think nine books could be pushing it, as far as reading repetitive scenes (though through different perspectives) and the wide inter-connectivity should be held at arm's length instead of engrossing the book in it completely at all times.

    /amateur talk.
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    To start off thanks Izzy.

    Anyone else wants to put in their imput please do. It helps a lot. :)

    For the story with the nine books it follows each characters view points. For those books I have planned out Book 1 for them. The Book 1 of each goes into character developments, background of the characters, and their own stories.

    Their stories interlace all together 1 time so far. The most is two times. It will be part of a chapter each time. It will be during the Student Council meeting.

    The story takes place in a school where the students are "special".

    There will be limited connectivity between the characters mainly certain classes.

    At these times it will be either 2 or 3 characters.

    To tell you the truth these 9 individuals can't stand each other. They are put up against each other due to the school and with their families.

    The book 1 is planned for 300-400 pages.

    Now Book 2 goes into a tournament. And I have no clue on that the end some will be fighting one on one.

    I guess for the other Book. The 4 set. It goes into the different Species. Way easier. That story revolves around each other.

    Any opinions?
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    I think it's a good idea that these characters have limited occurances. Indeed, it would be hard to alter the perspectives and situations enough to keep the reader's interest if the characters were too close. It can be done, it just takes massive forsight to see what to write about and what to omit to include into one book or another.
    Perhaps you could make out a detailed timeline for the series, then portion out what parts and chapters would where (that way it'd be easier to keep from being redundant and also could help overcome potential plot problems in the future).
    Make an index if you have a lot of charaters and things going on. There's nothing worse than being at a loss for who's who, or what exactly this event or that thing is supposed to be, or how these characters traits are (write it down immediatly if inspiration strikes! I've lost a few good names and thoughts for lack of a pen and paper).
    For the opening examples you used below, you might want to stagger what times in the character's lives the book starts. The different perspectives is plenty cool, but I could feel my attention waver reading about meeting, then meeting, then meeting, and a last meeting.
    Perhaps start one in the shower, half dead asleep, thinking about the miserable weather (lol, sounds like me), then get through the rest of the morning up to that meeting, and another meeting a friend on the way to school, then another *shrugs* early at the meeting and daydreaming or something. I dunno, but I think you might see what I mean.

    Though this doesn't sound like your kind of book at all, a book that does this quite brilliantly (and happens to be a fav of mine) is Black Hawk Down. Christ, the story goes back and forth, leaping from character to character, group to group, around the day (and in some cases, week) going into thoughts, feelings, memories and wishes; but dispite all this, it manages to really hold my interest and interconnect really well.
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    Thanks Phalanx.

    I did start a timeline for the story with four books but not for the bigger one. I will do it for this one. Maybe it will even help me when I get to the tournament.

    I'll take your advice for starting at different times that will solve a lot of problems. Heh

    I will also keep some characters sheet for the people. So that way I can keep them straight.

    I guess a little discription is needed. It will help get resolve a question.

    The prestigious Luos Academy enrolls unique pupils. Everyone that attends has special abilities that are gained by their certain control over the Spirits. There are a total of nine Spirits in the world. They are Spirits of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Lightning, Ice, Dark, Light, and Illusions.

    From there each book follows one of the top students of that Spirit.

    The books are called: Spirit Master of Fire, Spirit Master of Earth, Spirit Master of Air, and etc.

    The "Book 1" for each gets into development of the characters, their role in the world of the Spirits, their family issues, and whatever I come up with along the way.

    "Book 2" is the Spirit Tournament were they are put up against each other to find out who is the ruling Spirit.

    So I take it despite the fact there are seperate books keep it to a minium on the interaction with all? what about with only 2 or 3?
  6. Basher

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    I want to thank all that helped.

    I was able to get a lot of feed back which is great. And I believe I am cleared for many chapters. And the books up to a certain point.

    On a side note.

    The stories all start out light. Then they get into the actual dark world of the spirits. It will have plenty of cruelness, darkness, and distribing actions to spare. I am hoping it doesn't lack my normal flare for writing.

    I give karma to those who helped. It was a big help. Thanks.

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