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Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by Seishin, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Please read all before getting started

    Well, this Forum's getting kind of lonely, so I decided to try and kick it back up.

    What better way to do it than to start the Star Wars Trivia! I made this Part two since the first one was a bit all garbled up, somewhat spammy, and no one knew what was going on, so I decided a few ground rules.

    Asking and Answering:I will obviously start this off with a question, so what you have to worry about is answering the question. Simply really, answer the question and ask one yourself.

    No posting things like "Oh I'm busy in whatever so I'll check how many later" or anything that will take us off topic. Just answer and ask.

    In the event that you are not sure, just ask a question anyways, and if you were wrong, someone that knows the right answer (be it myself, the person that asked the question, or another user) will correct you, and get things quickly back on track.

    Please, let's all try to help out and see if anyone got a wrong answer, and in the case that nobody knows it, and the person that asked it isn't online for more than a day and a half (to keep things going) you may just ask the next question.

    Limit on Asking, and time frame:As far as the kinds of questions that can be asked, it goes as follows:
    *Anything from the entire Star Wars Saga (Episodes I-IV. Watch out those that didn't watch Episode III!)
    *Any book in the Star Wars Saga, up to the release of "The History of Darth Vader
    However, don't ask questions that are like minor detailed in books. Ask something that of can be found without thorough research.
    *Any Star Wars Game up to the release of Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith (Battlefront II questions soon)

    Well, I covered books, games, and movies, that's preety much all the basics. Any other questions of this sort. you can PM me for them.

    Now, as far as how long until someone can ask a question:

    If a question is left idle for a period of 2 days, anyone may take the question, regardless.

    Any other questions:If there's something I haven't named here, you can either PM me, or IM with the links on my profile. Please, don't spam by asking other questions on rules.

    Now, let's get Star Wars Trivia II starte with the following question:

    In Episode III, why doesn't Mace Windu kill Palpatine right off the bat? Why does he wait for Anakin, and show him who his "friend really was"?

    Hard one to think of eh?


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