stop messin w/ my threads.

Discussion in 'Wastebasket' started by supakawaii_jazi, Sep 21, 2006.

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    when i do an anime post I DONT WANT YOU PEOPLE TELLING ME EVERY LITTLE THING THATS WRONG W/ IT! (thats not the point of my post...)IM NO PERFECTIONIST SO I COULD CARE A WHOLE LOT LESS ABOUT YOUR "CONSTRUCTIVE" CRITISISM. SOO IF U DONT LIKE MY POSTS DONT READ THEM! AND IF UR JUST TRYIN 2 HELP THEN THANX BUT NO THANX. i tHink i WILL MANAGE WiTHoUT your OpInion. Arigato and goodnite.....and just 4 you ppl who acually wanna hear what i have 2 say...Here's a post 4 u! ^_~

    i Love Naruto and GRavitation. Anyone here like those shows??? I havent seen Naruto in a couple weeks, so can anyone fill me in on what happened last?????? id appreciate that....and on Gravitation has anyone here seen the VERY first episode?? i missed it and it seems that it had some valuable information concerning the if anyone has info on LOVE IT. thanx

    AND who's your favorite anime Bad Guy???!!! u 2 watch him/her kill ppl....ring a bell? let me know. VVV

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    You shouldn't take the criticism so personally. This sort of outburst is best resolved through the private message system and any of the boards team and does not belong in the public forums.

    I have nothing against you personally, but there have been a number of complaints submitted. Consider this your first and last warning from me to clean up your act or you will have you posting privileges removed.

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