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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Reisti Skalchaste, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Reisti Skalchaste

    Reisti Skalchaste New Member

    Jun 14, 2004
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    Well, I have to say this was unexpected. I didn't think I'd find myself writing this post, and I didn't think I'd care so little about it when I did.

    Yeah, I'm leaving BJP, and I think the reasons should be made known.

    The whole thing began just a few days ago. Bloodberry was (basically) calling me an idiot, telling me I didn't know anything. (not in those exact words, mind you) In essence she was looking down on me and treating me like ****.

    And so, offended, I reply to one of her posts, asking her to stop and saying that I wanted to talk to her about it.

    The next thing I know, I'm demoted and I have a PM in my inbox telling me about how I'm supposedly trying to control BJP or whatever. Nobody asked me about the issue, Cloud and BB just made up their own assumptions and went with it.

    Way to go Cloud.

    So, I try to set things straight by explaining what it really is and he tells me to stop bothering him.

    Yes sir, I'm really impressed with your problem-solving abilities now. I really like how you just do whatever without bothering to hear the whole of an issue.

    And I hope you have a great time banning your best members instead of listening to them and working on a solution. Nephilim_X comes to mind, myself, and others.

    And, specifically to all the regular users, most of you that I'm friends with can contact me already, and the rest of you should be able to find me.

    BMS Edit: Removed extra tags used to circumvent the boards filter of inappropriate language.
  2. Seishin

    Seishin Guest

    As I'm sure, you're well aware that this isn't really a nice way to go.

    Though to be honest with you, if I was in charge of this Forum. I would have edited and locked this one up soon as I saw it. But thought comes to mind that that's already been done before.

    Instead, I've saved a copy of the post in my computer. If the posts shall happen to be edited, feel free to ask for a copy. Not because it's true, at all, but because I'm sure you still want people to know why you left, your reasons.

    Nonetheless, you will be missed in this site by a lot of people.

    Wreckless post nonetheless, you'll most likely be banned for it though.

  3. Ciel

    Ciel Unoa Freak
    Staff Member

    Apr 16, 2001
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    I may be questioned as to why I didn't edit or delete this entire thread, I sometimes don't agree with things being completely covered up, and I need to address your statements.

    I think you should go back and think about your recent actions.

    I'll have to defend BB here:
    This is entirely your side of the story, you don't understand Bloodberry at all, her intentions in her comments were for the best of the issues at hand that we discussed in the mod panel. She made a few statements that were not intended for you to feel like **** or an idiot. Now you insult her publicly here.

    You should have PMed her instead of making a hoopla in not one thread but many. Bloodberry has put a lot of time into the forum here, and you misunderstood completely.

    I received the PM, I don't recall this control issue, and you need to consider that this was your second chance as moderator here. I don't think you realized how you had been acting recently.

    and this right now is another reason I don't edit you out, but lambasting members like this, telling everyone else how 'horrible' they are just leads you to a ban.
  4. Zanza

    Zanza .Net-ing & PHP-ing~*
    Staff Member

    Jul 16, 2001
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    I am sorry to see you going Rags, I understand how you feel, thus why I'll keep my comments to myself!

    I wasn't aware of what exactly is going on here for the past few months, but I am always here for you as much as everyone else.

    Take care and enjoy the great life without BJP as Neph would say :p
  5. Seishin

    Seishin Guest

    A quick note about my post, since I'm very keen on editing :p

    Yes, I did say that I would let you know what Rags said in the thread, but considering that, it's not from my point of view. I just don't want people to keep asking like they did Neph, since all you can see is his edited post.

    I'm not taking Rags' side, I'm just letting you know what his side is, if need be.

    I can assure you that a lot of things he said aren't even true.

    You can probably read Ciel's post, it practically sums it up from my point of view. The comment I made is preety much for informational purposes only.

    Oh, and thanks for not changing anything Ciel, though if we're all really crazy about curse words, might wanna edit that, since this is apparently a public site, don't know how far you can go.

    I don't want an eight year old learning those words, even though probably and sadly they already know them ^^;

  6. BakaMattSu

    BakaMattSu ^__^
    Staff Member

    Feb 16, 2001
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    It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but I don't think it is fair to place the blame entirely upon others.

    In the past I sided with you and spoke out against a permanent ban I felt was overly harsh on the grounds of misconceptions. Unfortunately on this second run through, observations show you more often clash with the moderation team than work with your peers. I have no doubts you are an intelligent and talented person, but too often you lay down your opinions as if they are the "be all, end all". A little stubborness is tolerable, but left unchecked it does become a problem.

    Nephilim_X and others like him were problem members. It is not as if we administrators wake up and decide, "Hey, I'm feeling crappy, who can I piss off next?" They earned their ban, and just because we didn't choose to discuss it openly and publicly doesn't mean you should jump to conclusions that it wasn't premeditated. Neph was banned by myself against a sea of uproaring supporters. It was Cloud's decision following that to give him another chance, and he even was entrusted a moderator position following that.

    I'm honestly feeling bad about second chances when they have always seemed to circle back to a dissruptive post such as this one you have made right here.

    As you seem to have directed this towards Cloud and BB, I will leave it for now for their benefit, but I will say I do not approve of this kind of slanderous posting. It is a direct member attack, against the boards policy, and you will surely have the ban hammer coming your way soon.
  7. Bloodberry

    Bloodberry Bloody Berry
    Staff Member

    Feb 23, 2001
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    if you want to put words into my mouth that have never come out at you, that's fine and your own business. if you want to leave, that's your own decision.

    the parties involved know what happened and how. this was discussed, and a choice was derived.

    in all honesty, because of matt and other mods, i showed you more patience than i've ever done. and apparently, it was wasted. read the sig. it's exactly what i told you. you apparently feel differently. how i'm posting here, is how i did in the PMs. treating you, just as i treat everyone else. this is my personality and how i am. everyone else on here knows and understands that.

    you also believe we assume things. this is you assuming we just out of the blue decided this. this has been talked about for awhile now. but, i doubt you'll really care about that now.

    i'm sorry the boards didn't live up to your expectations on how they should be run and all that, but this has worked for us for a very long time. it isn't broken. we do the best we can. we work together. the mods talk to each other, in either posts or PMs. same with the Smods and Admins.

    good luck to you.

    I am an S-Moderater; I am a normal poster. I respect those who show true respect. Don't expect it because you are a poster, moderater, super moderater or administrater. Expect it if you have shown it.
    Once respect is lost, you will never have it.
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  8. Peachy

    Peachy ☆liberal HMod☮

    Mar 29, 2005
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    Umm wow..This is a shock, but I understand. Take care dude, keep it real. We'll miss you!
  9. Fushigi Rockna

    Mar 4, 2003
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    Understand I write this post as both a moderator of and a friend of Reisti Skalchaste.

    I have to say I'm disappointed with you Reist. I thought you would be better than this. I had a feeling you would leave, and I thought you would leave on a much better note. But I guess I was wrong.

    I understand how you felt, but at the same time I felt you were taking things out of context. It wasn't just because of what you said. It also had to do with the way you had been recently. Your last two threads in the mod forum started to worry me, but because I was your friend, I didn't say anything about it. But now that I think it over, I probably should've as I'm sure you would've listened to a worried friend and we probably wouldn't be here right now. I'm sorry for my own shortcomings. However I wonder if I could have even REALLY made a difference? I tried in one thread, and seemingly nothing changed. if anything I may have just 'fanned the fire' when I tried to stomp it out. Understand that this was something not out of the blue...your comments were merely a trigger.

    When I first heard of the demodding, I wasn't sure what to think. I agreed with the others completely, but at the same time I felt bad because you are my friend. I figured I would remain neutral and on the fence...

    But dude, this....I'm speechless.

    Think of it this way, even if you were wrongfully treated, you've just sunk down to that level. Instead of walking away peacefully and being above childish things, you went and did this, which makes you even lower than what you are lashing out against.

    I'm sorry, you're my friend and all and I wish to remain friends with you, but you have lost my support on this issue. I am no longer on the fence.

    I hope there are no hard feelings between us, and that we may continue to be friends, despite this.

    Bye Shin, Rags, Reist....see you around...

    edit: btw, do NOT compare yourself to Scott (a.k.a. Neph).

    Scott left because of something going against what he believed in, and offending him. His problem was that he ended up making a huge spectacle of it, and turned it into something it should never have become.

    I understood why he left completely and utterly and supported him - even tho I did not exactly agree with it. I swore to him and mostly to myself, that if what he was afraid would happen did in fact happen (which i doubt) that would see its last of me as well.

    He left for a completely different and valid reason. The only thing he has in common with what you've just done is that he left the wrong way. But even Scott's way wasn't as bad as this.
  10. Yossarian

    Yossarian Yossarian Lives!

    Apr 19, 2003
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    Wow, did Neph start a ridiculous trend of ways to leave the boards while disrespecting Mods (in this case Super) and Admins.

    Am I sad your leaving. No. I see you leaving as just another neewbie coming through to make their mark on boards (good or bad) and leaving.

    go luck to you.

    I have no sorrow or respect (not that i had any) for those who post one sided augments, whine, and then up and decide to leave.

    Had I thought you were above this, I might feel a little remorse.

    As far as I can tell B.JP’s Best members are still here. We don’t do stupid things, that can be avoided, to get banned.

    You don't see anyone else around here whineing about Bloodberry's personality. It's done wonders for the board.
  11. Cherrygirl

    Cherrygirl Cherrylicious!

    Feb 6, 2005
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    Wow, I always thought that if you were going to leave, it would have been on a pleasant note. I personally don't think any situation or dispute justifies public bashing, but seeing as I am not a part of this and don't really know what went on, no more of my opinions need to be stated. I will however say that it is always a shame to lose a member in this manner no matter who is at fault.

    Take care.
  12. Cloud

    Cloud Administrator
    Staff Member

    Feb 2, 2001
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    I have no comment.
  13. Basher

    Basher Mad Writing Skillz

    Mar 21, 2003
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    I have nothing to say on this matter.

    But I did talk to Reisti because I believe we are friends.

    I know he wouldn't want to leave ill tastes of himself in your mouths or something like that.

  14. Fushigi Rockna

    Mar 4, 2003
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    I will gladly talk to him on MSN tomorrow. So long as it is a civil converstation, and he understands where I am coming from.

    Understand I'm a little wary cause 'I have a lot I want to say to you' sounds like the thing I hear from my parents when I'm in trouble. ._.
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