What did you hate about Episode III?

Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by Kaiyon, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Kaiyon

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    Yes, its not copying a thread. Why? Because disscussion about what everyone disliked about the movie are besides the point in other threads.
    That, and I'd like to see a thread where everyone does nothing but complain about Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

    What didnt I like?

    1-Darth Vader's "NOOOOO"

    A note about this, people, I rewatched Episode III and the "Nooo" was NOT that long!

    2-The Script for..ahem...certain actors.

    Lets face it, Natalie Portman (Padme Amidala) sounded like she was reading poetry the entire movie.
    "Oh! Its because im so in love!"- Padme
    "Its because im so in love with you"- Anakin


    3-General Griveous

    Why does Griveous cough!? If someone could explain this to me, ill be satisfied. He coughs when he walks, but not when he fights Obi-Wan. He goes out to space, and doesent need to breathe.
    And he also LOOSES with 4 lightsabers. Talk about a crappy fighter.

    - Kaiyon

    Ill be back...with more....muahehehe!
  2. Sieghardt

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    Jun 4, 2003
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    Hmm...let's see...
    Well, I guess I didn't really like the chase scene, with Obi Wan chasing Grievous. Lead on for too long, IMO.

    And i think the reason Grievous coughs is because he was in an accident like 'Vader, and had to become half droid. Hardly remember anything, not even sure if he was half human anymore.

  3. BakaMattSu

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    Officially, it was because Lucas felt it was needed for the audience to realize he was a cyborg, and not a full machine.

    The Star Wars fandom will point to events in the Cartoon Network animated series Clone Wars, which lead directly into Episode III with Palpatine's capture by Grievous. At the end of the series the general is grievously (;)) injured by Mace Windu with force grip.

    Back on topic, the negatives of Episode III are so blatantly obvious to any viewer, I won't bother to relay them here. :)
  4. Cherrygirl

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    Feb 6, 2005
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    lol ok i have lots to say but dont think i hate the entire movie cuz i dont lol

    general grivious' voice bugged me more than his cough....it just sounded too cartoonish....u know like the cheesy villans on kids cartoons

    and then there was yoda....im sorry i guess its just me but i just cant seem to take his back flipping saber slashing action seriously....every time i saw him fight i just burst out laughing in the theatre i couldnt help it i mean i know hes supposed to be younger in the 3 prequal movies but im just used to the old wise yoda from the older movies who just used his skills with the force....(plus the fact that he was completely CGI bugged me too) apparently thats just me though :bleed:

    i also thought there should have been a little bit more struggle within Anakin turning to the dark side he just seemed to turn too quickly i think it would have been more meaningful if they had shown him struggling with it a bit more...

    and then i thought lucas rushed the end too much '*POP* "Luke" *POP* "Leia" *thud*'

    thats it though i thought everyting else was great! lol
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  5. luvweaver

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    May 13, 2002
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    How I'd like Ep. III

    Hmmm you might find this VGCats strip interesting...


    Practically says it all.

    You know, here are some things I'd change in Ep. III:

    1) The poetry scene of "I'm in love with you" would go away. I mean, come on!
    "No, you look so beautiful because I'm so in love with you".
    Logical answer to that: "Are you calling me UGLY!?"
    Somehow the script didn't make sense.

    2) More emphasis on Anakin's fear of losing Padme. Like putting images in his mind as he takes the decisions, giving it more stress, etc.

    3) I found it stupid that Anakin would give up so easily, instead of asking Palpatine to prevent Padme from dying, if he knew the arts of the dark side. I'd ask him to teach me those secrets, and THEN I would join him.

    4) Anakin strangling Padme? Come on!
    "Padme, I'm gonna save you!" (strangles her). Yeah, right.
    Instead, he would begin yelling at her and asking her why did she betray him, if he had done this for her (he WOULD stress her "dying at birth" visions).

    5) I'd say the turning point would be Anakin forced to reveal his relationship with Padme, and the Jedi taking her away. Now that'd be more emotional, wouldn't it?

    6) It would be even MORE emotional if Padme died BEFORE Anakin turned to the dark side, and the kids being concealed from him (by decision of by the Jedi council) would be a good storyline. And it would be even better if Padme had to hide FROM Anakin because she noticed him turning to the dark side.

    7) And now, check this out. If she had effectively died (even better if Palpatine *CAUSED* this death, like, by causing an accident), this would make Anakin snap and blame it all on the Jedi.

    7.5) The Jedi council expells Anakin, saying he has failed the final Jed test (resigning from those he loved?). However, they give him the chance to become a padawan and start from zero. However, he snaps and says the light side is useless, with the Jedi being nothing more than blind sheeps manipulated by a bunch of elders who want nothing but power.

    8) He doesn't betray palpatine, but instead joins him. Now he has the perfect motives. So the Jedi have to fight HIM and Palpatine! Obviously all are dead.

    9) At the fight with Obi-wan, Anakin er... Vader, would blame it all on him. Obi-wan would lecture Anakin by saying that if he had obeyed the Jedi and not getting attached to her, he wouldn't have suffered so much. Anakin was disobedient, fearful, and so possessive that he would have ended up killing Padme from Jealousy later. A vision of the possible future by Joda would be introduced (domestic violence, anyone?)

    This is something I'd liked to have stressed. Someone who joins the dark side becomes twisted and evil - the virtues go away and are replaced with defects. Anakin's defects would be accentuated.

    10) Anakin gets angry because he can't accept Obi-wan's reprimands as true: His pride prevents him from accepting the truth, and this turns into hate - hate that makes Anakin make mistakes in the combat (revenge is best served cold, remember?).

    11) Darth Vader would plan his revenge on Obi-wan, by, for example, KILLING the young padawans. This would be more poetic if he said that he would not suffer another Jedi from living a useless and deceived life. Like... "If they can't experience love free from your stupid restrictions, then they would be better dead."

    12) It would be much more interesting if he had given the 'younglings' the choice to join him or die (he lost his kid, he would find a replacement). And it would be the coolest if he had promised to give them a "quick and painless death" (there's still some good in him, remember?) Obviously the young padawans choose death before serving the dark side.

    Oh well, what's done is done :(
  6. Seishin

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    That was posted by BMS wasn't it?

    Anyways, the things that i didn't like about Episode III are:

    Wookie scene seemed pointless, since you don't know what happens to Chewbacca or anything important happens.

    The obvious "NOO!"

    Some lines were poorly acted

    The fact that I knew that almost everyone dies before hand, which is actually really sad since i had to re-watch Episode VI and get over it :D.

    That's all i can think of. The movie was great, but not perfect, what can i say?

  7. Orion

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    Jun 27, 2005
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    I'm pretty nsure Grievous coughs because he's an alien inside a machine-type shell kinda thing. That has to be uncomfortable. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. luvweaver

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    May 13, 2002
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    I just noticed something interesting.

    In the last episode of the "Clone wars" cartoon, Master erm... the black dude :p used the Force to collapse Grievous' chest, and made him cough.

    Of course, that's a single scene, but anyways.
  9. Seishin

    Seishin Guest

    The "black dude's" name is Mace Windu. The guy that almost killed the empeor if it wasn't for Anakin.

    But yes, he is the responsible one for the coughing (for the most part at least). Poor General.:p


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