What REALLY happened to Tatsuki's arm/hand? *theories*

Discussion in 'Bleach' started by Ciel, Feb 24, 2005.

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    Ok, seriously, I was talking with Suzu, and we cleared something up together. I thought Tatsuki injured her arm before her Female fighting competition, probably with the Octopus Hollow. But I didn't understand why I just left it at that.

    In Volume 8, chapter 68, Tatsuki tells everyone she ranked #2 in Japan. She lost to an ape of a woman. Ichigo stated: "However, for your arm to break.. What kind of monster is this champion...?"

    Tatsuki says Ichigo misunderstood: "After I got in the Best 8, I went to buy juice, but I was hit by a car"

    Hit by a car?? Maybe Inoue, but TATSUKI?? Anime watchers, you may be a bit confused because I don't remember this even being brought up in the anime.

    My theory is, maybe a Hollow attacked her?

    Thoughts would be appreciated ^__^
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    Something might have happened to Tasuki, I really think it might be a hollow. I mean how can a car hit her and she end up with just a broken arm. How can she cross the road without watching out for any cars? She's not drunk TT;... But could that have been because of the Octopus hollow? I keep forgetting... Before she was attacked by the octopus hollow, she said something to Orihime about changing her clothes, was she wearing her karate clothes ?
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    Now that you mention it, it is a little odd. She was there when Inoue's brother became a hollow. She also fought that hollow when Inoue obtained her powers. My guess is she is the next to join the group.
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    This issue wasn't a big deal, I think. In the anime she said that she was lost to some woman, that's it.

    Unless it will be brought up in the next chapters?

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