being fat?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Peachy, Oct 22, 2009.

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    Sometimes I wonder..

    Why do we always think we're fat? Even I am guilty of being obsessed with my own weight. In fact, i'm a complete freak about it. Yes, i'm one of those small girls that you want to slap by calling myself fat but in my opinion..I'm not small at all. I know. I know. I'm one of the many people you want to slap. I get it.

    Sometimes I wonder however. I weigh 134ish nowadays. Last time I checked at least. I'm not too proud of it because i'd like to be 120 and 110 again but some people can't be bean poles. It's not that I think i'm REALLY disgusting but to be honest sometimes I really think I am when most girls tell me they'd kill to have my "hour-glass" body.

    BJP - Do you guys ever worry about your weight? I'm sure no one is overweight on this board from what i've seen but i'm even more sure someone out there on this friggin forum hates their weight. Everyone hates their weight at some point in time.

    Most people tell me I don't need to lose anymore weight and if I did i'd be gross then you have people like my sister (sadly, she is weighing more than me nowadays! haha) who used to always tell me I could never be a model and that when I sit down there couldn't be anything visible on my belly. I have a little skin there but not much =/

    Weight doesn't really matter when it comes to other people but when it comes down to myself, i'm a freak. It's just so weird.

    How do you guys feel?

    I'm not upset or anything. Just rambling. I have nothing to be upset about. I'm just human.
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    First of all america is fat.

    First of all america is fat. Well we should all be in our BMI and be happy. My BMI is my goal.

    I think it is on how we all want to be seen by others.

    Over the years I have come to understand the skinny people better. I used to weigh in my ideal weight before a kid. I was miserable. No matter how skinny people thought I was. When I almost collapsed I knew then it was time to eat.

    I worry now because of health issues. Starting on sunday I am kicking my weight loss plan in. Only because I want to feel better about my health. And I guess look good too. I do love myself.

    We are both human and its hard to not be obsessed about weight issues. Its normal.

    But don't get to skinny I'll come over to where you live and make you eat a roast. :p or a big pile of beets.
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    It doesn't get any better

    It doesn't get any better with age. As your metabolism slows down, it becomes harder and harder to both shed and keep off the pounds.

    If we're bringing the BMI into the picture, it takes a lot less than you'd think to overage into the overweight category. (According the the BMI at my last weigh-in, I was into the obese category, by the way)

    Clinically speaking, obesity is a health problem. But on the flip side, being underweight isn't healthy either.

    It's terrible that society has made underweight some sort of high praised status to be brainwashed into the masses. I feel completely sickened when I see actresses on television so thinned out that their arms are little more than bone.

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