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    I wanted to make an interesting point, as i re-watch the Tsuiokuhen OVA.

    In the final episode, Kenshin faces down the Ichibantai of the Shinsengumi, and advises them to retreat, and live to fight another day, until Okita Souji steps forward and fights him.

    During the fight i found it interesting that Okita's swordmenship closely resembles that of the Tennen Rishin Ryu, which was historically the real fighting style of nearly the entire Shinsengumi, and something that Okita Souji had received the "Menkyo Kaiden" license of. Likewise, After Souji begins to cough up blood, Saitou's style is very accurate to what was truly taught to the Shinsengumi, even demonstrating his powerful thrust, which was known as the Hirazuki, a technique that Hijikata Toshizou had created.

    Tennen Rishin Ryu was a powerful fighting school, and when Kondo Isami became its headmaster, he, along with the other of the "Roshigumi" created techniques that were ideally suited for fighting in the narrow alleyways of Kyoto. It relied heavily on stabbing thrusts and other cuts that meant a swordsmen could fight and defend even in narrow alleys and hallways.

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