2009 version of Jungle Emperor Symphonic Poem

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    Tomita's Symphonic Poem based on themes from the original Jungle Emperor has been re-recorded and issued on CD and DVD in one set (Columbia COZX 411-2).

    The CD is, unfortunately, unlistenable IMO because of someone (a Japanese singer whose name I'm not sure of) talking over the music almost constantly. This is a significant departure from the original recording of this music, which had a narration track before the music, which was then entirely in the clear.

    The DVD, however, provides the new recording without any narration in LPCM or DTS format. The visuals that go with the music are the original drawings Osamu Tezuka created for the LP release of the original recording. It's not exactly compelling viewing, because it was only a 20-page book with that LP, and the music lasts for nearly an hour. The DVD also provides isolated instrumental tracks of the various motifs used in the Symphonic Poem.

    CD Japan has more info on their page for the new set. Here is a machine translation of most of the text there:

    CD release from classic anime series "Jungle Emperor Leo" originally written by Osamu Tezuka commemorating 80th anniversary of his birth. Includes bonus DVD with 16 stills. DVD is Region 2, and has English subtitles.

    80: Osamu Tezuka's birth anniversary! × Osamu Tezuka further enhance the completeness masterpieces remain in the history of music generated by the combination of Isao Tomita, a new record, revives in surround sound! "Symphonic Poem: Jungle Emperor Leo" is a representative work of Tezuka Osamu Manga is also one of the "Jungle Emperor" as the theme to 1965 TV cartoon was aired on "Jungle Emperor" story based on the first story and music, symphonic poem for full orchestra as a composer Isao Tomita, configuration What the. This time, the "Symphonic Poem: Jungle Emperor Leo," 80 as a work of Osamu Tezuka's birth anniversary, a new recording and further enrich the orchestration, "Symphonic Poem: Jungle Emperor Leo 2009 Revised Version," released as a. Year was 1965, not intended as a sense of isolation and distance of the technical limitations of the instrument, express story, there was not enough to represent a portion of the instrument introduction, this time, the latest technology by Isao Tomita work was painted image was fully represented. Addition to the normal 2ch stereo CD, 5.1ch surround sound and still images (16 pieces, LP was released, for which Tezuka Osamu?Ki?Roshita this symphonic poem) was also made about the DVD, where the instruments and narration to introduce the Journal story. With subtitles, that is to work more effectively improve education. The DVD is narrated by the jazz singer??Satoshi Satoshi Tomita Isao passion.

    * Tracklisting

    1. Morning of the jungle
    2. Gathering of animals
    3. Animals return home
    4. Hunters have come!
    5. Panja Attacks
    6. Joy of animals
    7. ELIZA was caught
    8. Death of Panja
    9. Piled in the boat
    10. Birth of Leo
    11. ELIZA's story
    12. Ocean storm
    13. Jolly fish
    14. Sawshark
    15. Mom was a star
    16. I could see Africa!

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