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Discussion in 'Tomita' started by marshman, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Nov 2, 2005
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    I've recently picked up a copy of the 1996 Blooming Planet CD which appears to be a soundtrack to an exhibition of paintings by artist Ilene Meyer. There are only four tracks on the CD but the third track is a really excellent one around twelve minutes long by Tomita. It reminds me in places of his earlier synthesizer works although I'm not knowledgable enough to identify the instruments used!
    I think it's one of his best pieces.
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    The third track is by Tomita, the other tracks are by other artists. I think his track title translates as "Message from a Certain Planet"

    In 1996 Tomita was mostly using samples. I think he was still using his synclavier, though he probably had some Akai samplers too. He also used some Yamaha VL-1 around then which is rather distinctive sounding (very articulate physically modelled "acoustic" monophonic lead sounds). Around that time he had a Roland JP8000, which was Roland's first "Virtual Analog" synth. A bunch of artists got them before their release to stores.

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