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Discussion in 'Dragon Ball' started by Sukatto, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. Sukatto

    Sukatto Guest

    Name: Sukatto
    Race: Saiyajin
    Hight: 6'0"
    Weight: 200lbs
    Tech: Dragon Fighting
    Normal Saiyajin - 600,000
    Super Saiyajin - 60,000,000
    Super Saiyajin 2 - 325,000,000
    Super Saiyajin 3 - 450,000,000
    Super Saiyajin 4 - 565,000,000

    I tried to make them accurate to DBZ powerlevels...
  2. super furi

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    Feb 19, 2003
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    His name is Ryushen.

    Name: Ryushen Kazuia
    Gender: Male
    Abilities: Ss1,Ss2,Ss3,Ss4
    Race: Saiyan
    Wife: Erin Kazuia
    Son: Furi

    His power level is Unknown...................
    And his Quote: Get Ready or Run!
  3. rauko_ganwethrin

    rauko_ganwethrin New Member

    Mar 23, 2003
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    Name: Halli Kitsura
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 ft
    Weight: Unknown
    Weapons: Sword/Daggers
    Power Level changes depending on Mood
    Abilities: Ss1, Ss2, Ss3, Ss4
  4. Nephilim_X

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    Sep 19, 2002
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    Name: Pimpmaster Bob
    Size: Size of a penny.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Weapons: Absolutely NOTHING! JUST HIS EYE LASERS! MWA HA HA!
    Power level: (infinity*infinity)^infinity.
    Speed: From Sol to Alpha Centauri in 12 seconds.

    Edit: Since some people are putting up 'forms'...

    Stage 1: Is a penny, only Abraham Lincoln (American Penny) is hitting on Queen Elizabeth (Canadian Penny) and flipping the viewer off.
    Stage 2: A smily face. The size of a penny.
    Stage 3: The Buddy Christ (see Dogma). Only the size of a penny.

    Theres no actual specific criteria dictating shape changes, it just kinda happens.
  5. Name: Android 30
    Gender: Female
    Created By: Created by Unknown Master
    Enemy: All
    Move: All
    Fighting Style: Unknown
    Fly: Yes
    Hair: Pigtail Black Color
    Eyes: Red
    Good or Bad: Bad
  6. Geno Bahamut

    Geno Bahamut New Member

    Apr 21, 2003
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    Name: Geno Bahamut

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/Saiyan Halfbreed

    Age: Whatever he wants it to be.

    Hight: 6'0''

    Past: His whole family was killed by an evil assasin. Now he is the last surviving member and fights to rid the universe of evil.

    My Title: Guardian Of The Universe!

    Favorite Attack: Dragon Cannon

    Abilities: Can learn moves by watching them in action.

    Transformations: Energy Burst, Super Saiyan 1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, Ultra Saiyan 1, US2, US3, US4, US5, Master Saiyan 1, MS2, MS3, MS4, MS5, Hyper Saiyan, Mystic Human, Super Mystic, Ultra Mystic, Master Mystic, Hyper Mystic, Gemini Form, Ultra Z, Final Z.

    Power Level: Unknown.

    Weights: 50 ton fingerless gloves, 100 ton sleeveless jacket, & 10 ton golden arm bands just below his shoulders.

    Outfit: Blue sleeveless jacket (open), black sleeveless shirt, golden arm bands, blue jeans, white shoes, black fingerless gloves, & a gold and silver patteren star on a chain hanging from his neck called a Z star.

    Special Items: The Z Star, former Z star Dragon, can do impossible things at times. The Marble Of Souls, took it from a robot I killed, it can trap people inside of it for all eternity.

    Friends: All of the Z-Fighters. (Still working on Vegeta)

    Married: Yes, to a girl named Trina, she is powerful too.

    Kids: Hero Bahamut, He transformed into a Super Saiyan, just 3 seconds after birth.
  7. Bolt

    Bolt Guest

    Here's mine

    Name: Bolt Fox

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 17

    Hight: 6'4''

    Past: My parents were taken by an evil menace, and killed right infront of me. I swore never to let the same thing happen to anyone else.

    Weapon: Sword

    Favorite Attack: Thunder Strike

    Transformations: Mystic

    Weights: None

    Description: He has black, spikey hair (flowing downward), a violet GI (like you would see Gohan and Piccolo wear in early Dragon Ball Z), brown shoes, red headband, red sash around the waist, normal sized muscles, blue eyes, and a brown sheath for his sword on his back with a strap going around the front. (a full picture of my character can be found on my website which is listed in my profile)
  8. seraphinx

    seraphinx Oy, Artista!

    Mar 5, 2003
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    Name: Ranjarei ( ƒ‰ƒ“ƒWƒFƒŒƒC )
    Type: 1/4 Saiya-jin, 3/4 human
    Age: 17
    Sex: sometimes
    Relations: she's one of Trunks' bastard daughters

    Power Level: 330,005
    Top Flight Speed: 1200 mph
    Acceleration: 0-100 mph in 0.03 seconds

    Special Attacks: Digit-Spits (a very tiny but very fast fireball shoots from each fingertip, so up to 10 at once, but as rapidly as she wants); Chrono-Shield (encloses herself in a bubble where she can rest for as long as she wants, or plan her next attack, all while time stands still outside); Taunt (flips off opponent)

    Super Attack: Banshee Blast (screams loud enough to bust buildings apart, while multiple sonic booms shoot out of her mouth, strong enough to crack a continent or disperse nearly any huge fireball shot at her)

    She may not be as powerful as everyone else, but that's okay cuz she lives far from all the other fighters. (Only goes to visit her dad Trunks when she needs money.) Her hobbies include harassing people and beating up huge animals then barbecuing them with her Digit-Spits attack.
  9. |ANgEL|

    |ANgEL| New Member

    Jul 3, 2003
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    Name: Rioken

    Race: Saijin

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Special Attack: Final Destination

    Saijin Levels: currently up to SSJ2, wait, could he have surpassed it??

    Rioken showed up at the World Martial Arts Tournament hoping to bring back some money for his family back in America. During his match with a fighter named Gohan he witnessed his opponent transform and become an extremly powerful warrior. Rioken, not knowing anything of his race or history, was astonished to find out he was not the only one to have this incredable power. Rioken was eager to test his strength against this Gohan but two men jumped into the ring and stabed the fighter with a device draining him of his power. Rioken tried to move to help him but he was being held back by an unknown force. After the men made the escape a "Kabito" restored Gohan's strength, if not more. This Gohan and others took off almost imediatly to follow the two guys. Rioken, always ready for a challenge, followed close behind, not yet revealing how similar he was to these extrodinary figthers...

    Oh yea.. I have an entire story for this. :cool: lol

    Picture below V

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  10. Queen Serenity

    Queen Serenity New Member

    Feb 1, 2003
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    Name: Tailo Takano (Ty-Lo)
    Race: 1/2 Saijin 1/2 human
    Special attk: karna beam,She an use Kamehameha though!
    lv: She can get as high a ssj2 at the mo


    Tailo is one of the few girls who made it into the world martial arts tournament She beat all her opponats up to the final round when she was up against a male fighter,named Veheta. She knew how powerfulls he was and about his feriocious tempr she had herd about from her friend Goten. She fought a valiant fight but was beten by a sneak attack.
    She is only half aware tht she has saiyan blood in her and dosent know the complete exstent of her power yet. Tailo is a very girly character,evan he attacks are grlish, but you shouldent underestimate her, she can whoop serios *** when shes Pi**** Off. She isent really one for training loads like the rest of the Z fighters but she dose her fair share.
  11. Kenji

    Kenji New Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Name Adimas Olensu.

    Race The last of the Navet.

    Age As old as time but unchanging appearence

    Weight 0.001 grams

    Sex Can change at will.

    Story Adimas once was a brave fighter but the gods saw his true power and tried to destroy him, but he fled in to the universe and the gods never found him, but time was aginst him so he harnessed the power of the galixies and be came one with time and space.....

    Power level Some say his power is the universe.

    Transformations The universe is the limit.

    Real hair style As long as a car.

    Real hair color Silver

    Real eye color Green puples, yellow surounding the puple, and ring is red

    Hight 8.5 feet

    Techniques Star beam, Dimentional gate, Sun Dragon blast, Angle's Grave, Demon Flare, Atroid Armor, Comet Clash, Meta Sword.

    Heres a pic for those with no imagination :dizzy2:
  12. Ace

    Ace New Member

    Jan 17, 2004
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    Name: Ace Azarath

    Age: 17


    Ace cannot remember his origins and constantly searches in order to find them. Often adorns a green tunic, loosely fitting. With a cloth around his shoulders, with it falling down his right side. Ornate Greaves.

    This is just quick but here is a sketch
  13. tobias okasha

    tobias okasha New Member

    Feb 5, 2004
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    Name: tobias okasha
    Race: Saiyajin
    Hight: 5'8"
    age: 19
    Weight: 190lbs
    Tech: tae kwon doe
    Normal Saiyajin - 700,000
    Super Saiyajin - 60,000,090
    Super Saiyajin 2 - 325,000,000
    Super Saiyajin 3 - 450,000,000
    Super Saiyajin 4 - 565,000,000
    hair: dark red
    eyes: light brown
    personality: same as gogeta
    special techs: genki dama , wolf assult , burning attack , drama bomb
    weapon: katana
    fly: yes
  14. sakabatou

    sakabatou New Member

    Feb 5, 2004
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    name:taiketsu cloud


    height: 5'11"

    eyes: hazelish green

    sex: male
    weight: 140lbs.

    special attack: taiketsu jien ren

    hair: light brown/ short spikes
  15. Saiyan ChiChi

    Saiyan ChiChi New Member

    Feb 10, 2004
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    Name - Rena
    Race - Saiyan
    Gender - Female
    Age - Unknown
    Height - 5"5
    Weight - Unknown
    Eyes - Black
    Hair - Black, waist length, worn in a braid
    Transformations - Oozaru
    Location - Planet Vegeta (before Frieza blew it up)
    Mate - King Vegeta
    Kids - Prince Vegeta

    Rena is the queen of the Saiyans.
  16. Gokan SS

    Gokan SS New Member

    Feb 15, 2004
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    SS1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss5 master Sayian1 ms2 ms3 ms4 ms5 Ultra SS1 Ultra SS1+
    type:gohan with all goku's moves also called fusion type
    moves:goku's+gohan's moves+ULTRA SPIRIT BOMB
    lost all his family because of freezer(cooler+frieza)strongest fighter in the universe.
    Gokan protects all of earth
    weopon:X blade(sword)
    weight200 lb.
    he has sword,vest,dragon armor,and all 7 dragon balls
    Girlfriend:girl called morgan (stong fighter)
  17. Mewtwo

    Mewtwo New Member

    Mar 18, 2004
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    Hair:Siver Super Saiyan 3 style
    Birth PLanet:Earth
    Home Planet:Earth
    Power Levels:
    P.S:This is a potara fusion character, and he has a silver tail with blue tatu's alll over his body.
  18. Majin Buu

    Majin Buu New Member

    May 1, 2004
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    Name: Tenikasi
    Race: Saiyajin
    Gender: Male
    Hair:Classic Spikey Saiyajin Black
    Transformations:SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4
    Birth PLanet:Earth
    Home Planet:Earth
    Power Levels:
    Saiyajin: 850,000
    SS1= 120,000,000
    SS2= 320,000,000
    SS3= 500,000,000
    SS4= 723,100,000
    Special Move: Final Destination Blast
    Bio: Tenikasi is a Saiyajin who turned Oozaru when he was born, because he looked at a full moon straight away, causing him to kill 3 people and injury many others. He grew up in a fighting family, and turned SS1 at the age of 7. He reached SS2 when he was 10, SS3 when he was 15, and SS4 when he was 17. He wears a black t-shirt, white pants, and a black trenchcoat. He killed a thief who broke into his house when he was 16, because the thief threatened to kill his sister, and cut her wrist. She survived, but was in a coma for 3 months. Tenikasi can't always control his anger, and blew up his high-school because his best frind was being beat up by a bully. Tenikasi has been going to therapy to control it, but being a Saiyajin its difficult. He has a girlfriend called Emily, and she is human, but Tenikasi has taught her how to fly. Tenikasi is the strongest fighter in New Zealand, and has won the New Zealand chapms 4 times.
  19. macamn

    macamn New Member

    May 12, 2004
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    saiyans: SSj 1, SSj 2.
    level: when a SSj 1 462,000 000. when SSj 2 565,000,000
  20. Yamcha

    Yamcha New Member

    May 30, 2004
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    NAME: Niono

    RACE: human
    DATE OF BIRTH: 732 A.D.
    GENDER: male
    LOCATION: Earth

    Height: 5'10"
    Build: lean and muscular
    Age: 23
    Eyes: dark aqua
    Skin tone: light tan
    Hair: bushy dark hair with big bangs and somewhat long hair at the back that is sometimes in a pony tail.
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: has one scar on left cheek and one scar on right forearm.

    OUTFIT: dark sand colored gi with violet wrist bands and ankle bands, and black shoes and belt. Niono is sometimes seen wearing a dark red head-band.

    One day in the depths of space, a low class saiyan warrior was challenged by another warrior. They agreed to fight on the nearest planet. After what seemed to be a fair match, the saiyan warrior destroyed his opponent with a surprisingly powerful ki blast. Much of the battle area was destroyed aswell. As the saiyan warrior was heading back to his space pod, he heared the cry of a baby from the wreckage. He went over to the wreckage to find out what could possibly still be alive. To his surprise, there was a baby boy underneath a collapsed house. The saiyan warrior actualy took pitty for the small infant, and took the baby boy with him. After a few years, the boy developed into an impresive warrior (for a non-saiyan) and was ranked top of his class among the other saiyan children in his combat school. He had few friends and many rivals. By the time the boy was 13 years old, his father decided it would be best for him to go back to his home world, Earth. For the next three years the boy was living off the land and soon became a preditor, a threat to people who encountered him. It was after those three years that the boy met some people who helped bring out the human in him. These people became his best friends ( some of them warriors). For the next two years he trained under one of the highest athority of the Martial Arts world. The boy then left his master to seek new training for an upcoming Tenkaichi Budokai. Now the boy has become a man. His name is Niono (a saiyan name givin to him by his adoptive father) and he is one of the most powerful warriors on Earth.

    PERSONALITY: strong willed, a bit reckless, always trying to bring out the best in people. Niono posseses an indomitable fighting spirit.

    SPECIAL ABILITIES/ATTACKS: Ki mastery - Ki projection attack,
    Physical capacities augmentation (power up), Flight (hover/cruse speed/ super sonic speed), Ki/ life sense, Instintanous faze in and out capability (short burst movement), accelerated ki healing (X2 average)(on self only),
    hardened ki sphere (protection), Sanshin Kata (Physical variation attack),
    Alpha strike (A quick, powerful punch designed for massive knock-back power)
    Kame Hame Ha (learned it from Master Roshi), Omega Bomb (finnisher attack).


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