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    I noticed Tomita's Facebook page posted a teaser without any further info announcing a Theatrical Ballet "Dr. Coppelius". The name is surely in reference to a character by early 1800s fantasy author E.T.A. Hoffmann who also wrote another story that Tchaikovsky would later base the "Nutcracker" on.

    The composer Delibes wrote a very popular 1870 ballet, "Coppelia" combining two Hoffmann stories. In it, Dr. Coppelius, a menacing inventor/scientist builds a lifelike clockwork doll, names her after himself (though the name Coppelia, I understand also means young woman in Greek) and desperately wants to bring her to actual life. Offenbach's "Tales of Hoffmann" ballet also included a version of the story within the work.

    Seeing that Tomita's piece is called "Dr. Coppelius", I would presume the new project is Tomita's own music.

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