Ihatov was performed by Tomita today! Here's the news...

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    Japanese composer Isao Tomita bring "Hatsune Miku" (Figure)



    (Reporter Lun Bing) Fifteenth Meet in Beijing Arts Festival held last night, the "ideal town IHATOV symphonic concert" at the Century Theater. Concert, Chinese and Japanese musicians playing the famous Japanese composer Isao Tomita symphonic works according to the poet Kenji Miyazawa creative poetry writing. In order to better express the connotation of Miyazawa Kenji works, not only the use of symphony concerts, choral music and electronic integration, but also through the holographic projection technology will be popular international virtual idol singer "Hatsune Miku" to the concert site.
    Isao Tomita is a famous musician with international influence, when it comes to bring "Hatsune future," said a Beijing audience Tomita Hoon:. "The first time that 'Hatsune Miku from my granddaughter there kids liked the virtual characters , often imitate her voice and action, so I was curious. Later, I buy a ticket to watch Hatsune future performances at the scene I saw many young men to follow the voice shaking hand and copious, of which there are many foreigners. a Virtual Singer can be subjected to so many viewers like it, really incredible, described next song Hatsune no borders. So, I think the ideal performance township with Hatsune Miku is the most appropriate."

    82-year-old Mr. Tomita Isao 5 years When once with his father in Beijing, Qingdao and other places lived, he told reporters Beiqing Bao recalled:. "Temple of Heaven whispering gallery left me a deep impression, because here you can hear the other side of the sound, it is wonderful echo wall impression on my future took to the road of music is definitely influential. "

    photography / reporter Cui Jun   
    Author: Aaron Bing   
    (Source: Beijing Youth Daily)

    Composer-Tomita's China concert in fantasy world of Hatsune Miku Kenji


    "Ihatov symphony" Isao Tomita's greeting in the performance of = the 20th, Beijing (Joint)

    [Beijing joint] internationally composer Isao Tomita, who play an active part is, you can appoint a popular virtual singer "Hatsune Miku", performances representing the fantastic world of Kenji Miyazawa "Ihatov Symphony" is the 20th night, Beijing It was held in.

    China for the first time performances of the symphony. Computer graphics (CG) different dimension idle and the Symphony Orchestra of make up with co-star, such as choir, we were watching the world of Kenji utopia "Ihatov".

    Such as organized by China's Ministry of Culture and Beijing. Once in 2014, but performance in China has been planning, it could not be carried out in effect during the day conflict. The Chinese side received the middle summit twice a day, it seems to have come to flexibly to the acceptance of Japanese culture.

    Hatsune Miku, first performance in Beijing "Ihatov Symphony" Kenji fantasy representation


    Hatsune Miku concert = 20 days Ihatov symphony that expresses the fantastic world of Kenji Miyazawa, Beijing (Moulin promotion offer, (C) Crypton Future Media, Inc.)

    China's first Beijing concert "Ihatov symphony" that Isao Tomita of the composer was hired from Sapporo of virtual singer "Hatsune Miku" in [Beijing] Toru Suzuki of electronic music guru the 20th, was held . Hatsune Miku was played with about 200 people of the orchestra and the Philharmonic Chorus is to show off the light and fantastic dancing and singing voice that is clarity, captivated an audience of Chinese.

    The symphony to the world of the Miyazawa Kenji sound has been premiered in Tokyo in 2012. Only from Japan to the International Art Festival of China government-sponsored "Meet in Beijing", it was invited. It is a term coined of Miyazawa Kenji, which means a utopia and "Ihatov".

    Crypton Future Media, which has developed a Hatsune Miku (Sapporo, Ito Hiroyuki president) for the same symphony, develop Miku on the screen, a new system to make sung to suit the conductor. Beijing technicians more than 20 people, including computer graphics and sound from Hokkaido to performances participated.

    Hatsune Miku is a popular high in China, about 1700 seats of the ticket was sold out.​

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