Jungle Taitei Hit Parade

Discussion in 'Tomita' started by ndkent, May 25, 2005.

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    A nice low cost CD reissue of a 1966 album of songs from Jungle Emperor (Kimba the White Lion) just came out. 14 songs all with Tomita music. Columbia (Japan) COCX-33161 - limited to 5000 copies. The recordings are old, but since they were made for an album they are in stereo.

    It's part of a series of I think 10 song albums and 120 anime/fantasy soundtracks all being reissued on CD (this is as opposed to releasing raw recording session material - these albums were all releases as soundtracks or soundtrack tie-in albums.. I didn't inspect every one but I think it's the only Tomita soundtrack in either series.

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