Sennen no Koi - Hikaru Genji Monogatari

Discussion in 'Tomita' started by ndkent, Jun 23, 2005.

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    I finally got a hold of of Tomita's not much talked about 2001 soundtrack "Sennen no Koi - Hikaru Genji Monogatari" (COCQ-83572) - quite hard because it's now out of print. (@ Ishimaru Denki, Akihabara, Tokyo)

    It shouldn't be confused with the still available "Genji monogatari genso koukyoemaki". (Tales of Genji Symphonic suite)

    It turns out that it seems to be almost entirely played on digital synths and high end samplers making it one of his most synth oriented albums in the last decade. It has some live singing and what sounds like live played koto. Even some light drum machine and synth bass.

    Even if that doesn't sound too interesting, it is. I must add that it's in my opinion it's the most electronic, fantastic and satisfying *new* Tomita album in at least the last decade or so.

    It's a shame that word didn't get out while it still could be easily found in Japan.

    In contrast his big reasonably new 2004 soundtrack "KAKUSHI KEN ONI NO TSUME" seems to be 100% orchestral - differeing from 2003's "Tasogare Seibi" which is acoustic lead instruments with synth backing.

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