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    I'm real curious about the source of the bonus disc (stereo only), have not managed to find the notes translated. All the bonus disc tracks have Disney's Fantasia in common (and Night on Bald Mountain originally on his "Firebird" album is on the main disc). The pieces appear to be only completed to a point and then stops, much like Tomita's abandoned "Scheherazade" on "Ultimate Pictures at an Exhibition". I hear sampled instruments so its a later work 80s or 90s work. No idea if I'm guessing correctly but I know Tomita used Opcode StudioVision software on a Mac in the 90s for recording and quite infamously the software owner abandoned support and updates, so it could be the bonus disc is did work in progress stereo mixdowns for a project he halted work on and now has no simple way of accessing the multitracks?

    The main disc is most of "Kosmos" (known as "Cosmos" in Japan and "Space Fantasy" in a truncated version that seems to have been adjusted for England regarding the arrangement rights issues the UK label ran into with the Holst estate in the 70s). What is not included from "Kosmos" is "A Sea Named Solaris" which was included in edited form on "Pictures at an Exhibition" (have not 100% confirmed but the shorter "A Sea Named Solaris" version seems to have been issued in the 90s as a bonus CD to go with the release of the Tarkovsky film on a more DVD in Japan). The album is definitely not a reissue of "Bermuda Triangle" as only 2 tracks are reissued. Additionally it contains both tracks on Side B of the original "Firebird" album.Also fo note is the title track "Space Fantasy" which was the medley of R. Strauss and Wagner is now "Space Fantasy 2015" which I presume means it's more revamped than the other tracks.

    As for keeping score Disney's Fantasia also included Bach's Toccata and Fugue (Tomita's version was on "Bach Fantasy"), Rite of Spring (tomita's partial version on "Mind of the universe"). So still unrecorded by Tomita are Dance of the Hours by Amilcare Ponchielli and Ave Maria by Franz Schubert.

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