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    Not that most of us can attend or understand Japanese if we did, but Tomita is giving a lecture about Surround Sound on 2/21/10 in the basement event stage at Tower Records, Tokyo. They say you need to reserve a ticket by 2/3 or 4 or something like that. The other guy in the picture is Keiichi Tomita who performs as Tomita Lab. Does anyone know if he's his son?

    Intoxicate is the name of a free magazine Tower Records Japan puts out to promote Classical, Jazz and generally music that isn't pop, rock or dance suggesting new releases as a sort of alternative to pop music.

    "Ecole" ("School")is clearly part of their educational series. Though I don't think he was the first, Ryuichi Sakamoto has been putting out a series of fairly expensive small hardcover books with CDs called "Ecole" where he introduces fans to his favorite music.

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