Tomita along with anime creation Hatsune Miku plays Beijing next month at request of the Chinese gov

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    Was just reading on Crunchyroll that Tomita will be playing some of his own earlier works along with 2012's Symphony Ihatov in Beijing on May 20.

    The second part of the concert will be the Symphony Ihatov segment. But interestingly, the first part of the concert entitled “Space and Music Symphony” will include music from Star Wars, Gustav Holst's The Planets orchestral suite (Mars through Jupiter), and Kimba the White Lion.

    The Symphony Ihatov performance features Hatsune Miku, a "humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media".

    Here's a summary video of Ihatov from Columbia (you'll hear Misty Kid of Wind-influences in there too):

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