Tomita's World LP and 7" 'Misty Kid'

Discussion in 'Tomita' started by marshman, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I recently picked up a couple of interesting Tomita items, both being Japanese RCA vinyl.One is an LP called 'Tomita's World' from 1977 ,the title being in English everything else in Japanese. It contains selected tracks from 'Snowflakes', 'Pictures' and 'Firebird'. The difference is that each Tomita version is preceded by the equivalent piece of music performed by a conventional orchestra. It makes comparism of new and old very easy which I guess was the intention! The other record is a 7" promo for 'Misty Kid of Wind' from 1989. The last Tomita LP issued on vinyl as far as I know was 'Live in New York' in 1988. I wonder if there were any more 7" vinyl promos issued for the CD only soundtracks? ( The 'Misty' promo also indicates there was a cassette tape available ).
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