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Discussion in 'Tomita' started by marshman, Apr 19, 2006.

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    I,ve seen a picture of a 1994 CD by Yano Akiko , track 7 is by Isao Tomita.
    It's translating as 'which nothing in reason XXX which stops' Anybody know this CD?
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    I have a little Akiko Yano site

    But for your inquiry you'd do better here
    Because she lists all her album songs in english including the songwriters.

    I didn't see it listed on her 1994 album "Elephant Hotel" but I don't have the time to check it and other albums around that time. Anyway you should be able to find the cover as a thumbnail on the site.

    Tomita's TV and movie themes (some of which have lyrics) get covered by someone else occasionally. Off the top of my head, Logic System, Hajime Tachibana, Jun Togawa and the Boredoms have covered Tomita's soundtrack tunes. I'm sure he and his synths aren't actually on the recording.

    Unlike say Akiko Yano's ex-husband Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tomita doesn't usually produce and perform on versions of his songs or compose new songs for others to sing or play. Tomita tends to stick with soundtrack commissions when it comes to personally making music for others.

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